Why Forgetting Four Dead American’s is a SIN!

horse-and-flagPresident Obama has been heard many times saying “DO THE MATH” Please explain Libya to me as your answers thus far don’t add up- ALSO- Where exactly were you and Hillary? 2016 is here and no answer to date, before you go explain their fate. Hillary especially since she’s running to lead, explain why for help they had to plead?

As a former serviceman I need to have an answer to a most disturbing question based on your comments about Libya. You failed to send aide to American’s claiming we don’t send our forces into harms way. If we do for foreigner’s and have as long as I can remember, why not for our own? This really puzzles me as our heroic forces have been doing this across the globe. Our lives have been lost on many a shore and continent for another, my question is why not for a brother? My time was Viet Nam and if we adhered to that statement, more lives would have been cast off for what rational reason? How would those in the holding back action explain it to the dead or their family’s and country? What excuse is worth the cost?

I have studied many actions from WW1 to date, and never knew a time would come when any that served had to beg unheeded for aide by our nation, and stories used to cover their deaths. Viet Nam was not an action that saw ticker tape parades. Boo’s and scorn were the greetings for those who served those years. Into unknown lands froth with dangers from every side, they had only each other on the battle fields to rely on until some support from above arrived. Fighting for a nation, not some self centered reasons, brothers in arms. Giving that which we all hold dear, life and limb for America, and the values they carried in their hearts. Times were tough enough without having to wonder if they fought their way forward that they may be left alone.

I can only imagine the horror this Ambassador of ours, Chris Stevens, had to endure as smoke chocked of his breath. Nor the realization that must have occurred to two brave warriors, manning a machine gun atop the CIA Annex,
as a mortar landed before any reinforcements arrived. My stomach churns with the revelation that none was coming as these hero’s died, and I thank God they never knew.

 The trouble is that I do. Countless son’s and daughters still serve across the globe. America’s best are now to be left defenseless as you politicians all rest safely home. Those that serve never started your wars, they pay the tab in full in your names, and that of our President. No blue states, or red states, the United States President Obama campaigned on. I say it’s the bloody states as their deaths are on his hands, and yours. Give the people, you remember us when seeking our vote, an answer please as to why the lie of a video. No man pledged allegiance to deceit as he signed enlistment agreement, risking his life.

I’ve heard the President multiple times campaigning shouting “TRUTH” in recent days. The day after a debate he hit the trail and said “ AMERICAN’S DESERVE THE TRUTH”! Now my question is this before I cast my vote, When can we expect him to come before us, his citizen’s, to explain why he chose this route? Is not one life lost worth more then his reelection, or going against his failed narrative? Are we not entitled to the truth at all times from he or she that leads? Good or bad is not a decision for him to decide what is our right to know. No editing, or holding back, as if we matter not. He has time for Letterman and MTV so why not answer the people?

Please pass around if you agree, thank you all, and may I say- GOD BLESS AMERICA! Sonny of The Meek

Watch out- in Obama world they will haunt you with his talking points as they all talk the same so it gets very boring. Remember the mind numbing “YES WE CAN” over and over by the school children they wanted to indoctrinate


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I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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