Can you post Obama’s service record here- This is all I could find and it doesn’t seem to answer it that clearly – perhaps you can explain- you served I’m sure to be bring it up-

 I thought he didn’t bother to serve our country from his BIO- claiming to be lost in a world of drugs in school instead. But I did find a few clues-

The only ones  I can find are a  lot of negative articles about his not having the “6” of four Brave Hero’s! I do believe they were American! Claims he left them for dead!

Then there is another one about  him pinning on his own medal from Las Vegas- for the death of his men who died  begging for A” COMMANDER in Chief”  to send aide- as he rolled craps!

Another one seemed to suggest he was Navy or something close- He claimed to lower the Oceans of the world- must be one of those Hush Hush things like Black OPS!

Perhaps Air Force or NASA as the Sun rises for him he claimed! ( maybe he’s God!)

I’m sure he’s not ARMY- He mistook Fort Hood Terror attack for work place violence!

He must have had a high Rank -as single handedly he saved the whole world from evil America they say!

The Marines have no record surprisingly- I know I heard him say repeatedly he was the best of  all men!

 Maybe Seal Team- another about him learning demolition from Bill Ayers of The Weather Underground!

Then there’s the record of Communist Card holding  member #444544- his mentor! (That mean 1st kill?)

Then there is his own BIO with a chapter of his about eating a  DOG- so he had to taste K-rations!

Another where he shot that rat Osama Bin Laden and saved GM before it went bankrupt anyway! (ungrateful  motor heads I guess)
And the last one I found- said Don’t ask Don’t tell but it seems he changed it.

I think he was a Lone Shark ( Probably his Code name/ secret Agent type)   for a guy named -Economic redistribution!

One had me thinking he was Robin Hood- claimed he wanted to take all from the rich to give to the poor.

I even suspect he must be an Angel -for he never does anything wrong!.

Maybe a Saint -as he never ever would tell a lie or fail to keep his word- or that George Washington guy! reborn!

Hope you have better luck than me with that Google thing- it only shows the truth.


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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