Terrorists are able to hide here because we no longer know our “neighbors”.

Terrorists are able to hide here because we no longer know our “neighbors”. This is the enemies best weapon of concealment. They can blend in everywhere unnoticed by moving next door to any one of us it would seem. How often do you here someone say they never knew about someone living there. Name the enemy you want and he may live next to you, your store, your church , your job, your schools. Passing on the streets, subway, bus or plane unseen while in plain sight of everyone. Your vacant and foreclosed homes, plus the need to rent, offer shelter to no neighbor. Census time you would imagine would account for everyone.

No one could possibly live amongst us today if we brought back the neighbor in the hood. Do you know the names of the family’s across the street or on either side of you. That one or the other you see or hear, are they misbehaving, or having fun. Who’s struggling or harming another on your very own street. What is inside that building or place that should not be. The country is only as safe as its people feel while sitting at home.

Your not knowing your neighbor in the past was by choice. You may not have liked him all that well yet you’d rally to his side in need. That need is here as never before except in fiction, or some other land. Indivisible as a nation is achieved by all being one. One nation caring to be different enough to worry about each and every one of its citizen’s well being.

No American is ever alone in their belief of freedom. The same freedom that makes us vulnerable to attacks from within as well as out. It was neighbor’s banded together that gave us this way of life. It is time for neighbors to take down the fence and shack hands congratulating one another on a job well done. Who knows you may even get a job or advice and a hand. At any rate you would you would eliminate all of the hidey-holes those who mean us harm can use, and make a friend or two.


When the US abandons Freedom Seeking allies to fend for themselves, the world loses hope. One nation invades another ( poor Georgia, Crimea ). One nation, Iran vows to eliminate Israel.
Entire villages destroyed and its people exterminated. Our friends are being left out in the cold. Osama now dead and not still sending messages from his little hidey-hole.

While back at home terrorists arrested on American soil. US Families homeless and starving in every state. Politicians not paying fines and interest while their morals disappear. Truth a thing of the past. Millions spent weekly to keep the elected in some ones pocket. Voter fraud at unheard of levels. Scam the American people the new “ Oath of Office”. News reporting now different from channel to channel according to the agenda served. Elected officials no longer worried about citizens they should serve. Our borders left unchecked so as to not interfere with someone else’s deal. Larger then life organizations getting out the vote, making billions along the way. Laws instantly changed to suit political needs. Distraction of the people at every level. Oh woe is “We The People”. Also read http://wp.me/p1tm1i-jM


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I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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