You may like this it defines the true Obama Ideologist- They will not


One reply to my post on “BIG BIRD“—– “libya? are you serious? you must have just left fox news, because they are the only network covering this NON-story”

My Reply to that-

Why is it that FOX/BUSH/RIGHT WING/BINDER/YOUR WRONG/YOU LIE or THEY LIE/ and your new “MORE IMPORTANT  than FOUR DEAD WHO SERVED that a so called MILLION WILL MARCH to save BIG BIRD is used in the first few lines of  what I cal the “UN-AMERICAN“ reply?

Non story you say. Let me tell you a story- sit down- prop up your feet- open a beer-relax and I’ll tell it.

Ready now? Feel good? Is the power on? Nice and comfortable? Have food? Water? Hobbies? Family together, safe and secure as one can be these trying days? You want to go grab a snack, go ahead I’ll wait, really I don’t mind?

Back again now I see so let me begin with a few questions for you before beginning my story. Do you think all of those things are free? I don’t mean to say you did not or do not have to pay a little more these days of the old trusty dollar. I was speaking of the very fact you are able to do all of these, and as in America, unlimited opportunities shelling out the old green backs. Not really free your thinking so what is this , I’ll be nicer than most that reply to myself language wise,  not thinking like me human being saying.

Why do you feel so callously and uncaring of the one’s who paid  in full for you, all of the above? Why does all of America? Did you serve our country? In any form? SELFLESSLY?  Listened and obey any order to protect our land? Take the actual bullet? Lost the limb? Watched one or both of your buddies riding in the front seat of your Hummer get torn to shreds?  Scared inside and out where it can never be seen, and with the “UN-AMERICAN”, never healed? A “NON ISSUE!

Petty self concerns consume your days, your lives . All of you enjoying not speaking German, Russian, or some other foreign tongue. Not being eradicated because the majority is in their minds different from you.
Are you religious and enjoy not meeting in some dark, dank place. Worrying all the time who sees you, or overhears you expressing your thoughts, or feelings, beliefs Who ensured all that? Who keeps it possible? Who won’t come back  to a Parade but in a body bag? Filled with parts at times. That’s all that’s left. Dog Tags in my day. The lucky ones intact in caskets- “A Non ISSUE”!

Not you! You give it no value above. “A Non Issue! Don’t bother me now! Big Bird funding. Now there  is something you can unite behind. Get off your ass and do something about.! A f-in puppet! Not flesh and blood! Not an Americans son! Father! Brother! Relative! Friend! A fellow countryman! Dead men! Left to die men! By their country now filled by you the “UN-AMERICAN’! “A NON ISSUE’!

I used caps, took the time to spell, emphasized some words. Asked some questions. Didn’t get to my story. Made some statements. You stopped reading after the first line.
Yet I kept writing. Talking to no one at all. Saying nothing  you’d understand at all. Blah blah blah, Libya a “NON STORY”! “ONLY ONE NETWORK-FOX- bothering to cover this! You had that part right! See there, I can give credit where it is do! Feel victories now, you were one hundred percent right!

Between you and me, lets leave some room for plausible denial, maybe a blurb here and there from the other networks, some of those politicians, a nut job like me. You know the type. One of Them (hush hush wink wink)! Not like you. You’re a good man. My leader would never lie. No one needs to cover up anything. It’s lies from the other side.

Another quick question for you. Who’s side? Those annoying dead ones? Some nerve they have. We have more important things to worry about you say. “BIG BIRD” being only one of our great concerns. I should watch something other than those stupid, is it right wingers we use these days, news reports. Maybe you’d learn something  then your reply seems to say.

I did. No really, I’m not kidding, again your right. Credits to you again. It’s only fair of me. Ten different channels, hundreds of sites, the same story’s different from one “Views Reader” to the next. He lies, she lies, they lie, the truth absent from each as they tell us what they want say. Who ever pulls the strings controls the puppets, human looking I would agree, but words and actions controlled. Yours are in agreement with you about this being “A NON ISSUE”, “NO STORY HERE“. Darn it your right again, after all they agree with you, so credits once again.

Some pain in the ass, dead Americans, who gives a shit! Sorry to post such dribble. To have wasted your valuable time with this crap. I think those two words , shit and crap, fit this stupid “NON ISSUE”. Like what you have to do when you get ride of human waste.

F them. Those stupid people, interfering with my Obama campaign. “Watch now”, you’d say “more idiots will vote against my Obama“. Who do they think they are? The very nerve of them. Casting aspersions on my Obama. Like he had anything to do with it. Who really cares anyway. Why make it a big deal. What are they so upset about. That Romney guys not going to get in anyway. Obama told us so. He always keeps his word.

This one I can’t give you. Or any of the above paragraph. No credits now. No patting your own back. Now it is story time. I’ve wasted your time so far. Please don’t start to worry this will drag on . The tale I am presenting is over now. If this is still “A NON ISSUE” to you still, then the moral of my story completely escaped your eye. If four who served an died means less than “BIG BIRD” still, I know why America died, and why “NO STORY” here. If the freedoms you take advantage of each day, is not worth the price they paid, and the reason why important- What more can I say.

 UN-AMERICAN=Those who say or think – Who cares about dead people who serve our country- protect it- died for it anyway!


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I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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