New Rules seem to apply in LAW today after Zimmerman verdict-

New Rules seem to apply in LAW today after Zimmerman verdict- if those that make a living promoting/PROMPTING racial unrest are unhappy with LAWFUL VERDICT a person can be harmed and the so called NEWS provides the noose! Never portraying the TRUE FACTS keeps those ratings high at the cost of human life, needlessly.

Never before has a trial been so unfairly handled publicly in my 58 years as a PROUD AMERICAN. To see the law ignored by the state prosecutors as far as BRADY- To hear them over and over again on certain networks calling Zimmerman – MURDERER / LUCKY after a jury of the “bravest united six women in history” reached a true and lawful verdict adds to the fuel those who make a comfortable living – fuel for their fires now burning and the destruction of other law abiding bushiness – the attack on OUR POLICE FORCES- worries me to no end. CITIZEN’S attacked in TRAYVON’S name in many states AGAIN!

 The President of “THE (and his administrations) soon to be The Divided States of America”! Speaks quickly again ( as with Gates ), wrongly on matter not truly RACIAL except to the profiteers and politicians for their own self gain.

Facts defeat their narrative that White men STILL hunt down and kill BLACKS- Blacks kill Blacks at a percentage so startling I ask you now to look it up and verify it yourself so as to be assured of the validity of the numbers – and ask OBAMA why is it the unspoken truth from his own lips!

 Why is it the WHITE man to blame in 2013 and not the individual citizen? When is it going to be OK in this country to have ELECTED officials try speaking truth and not be motivated by losing VOTES?    Forward if you agree, and debate me if you feel I am wrong- I don’t mind being the first to discuss this TRUTHFULLY.


 I was planning on watching an episode on “Lock Up” only to see a true criminal having his own platform on MSNBC, one Al Sharpton. How appropriate, almost the same theme, only AL Sharpton’s is scarier because it is real human blood, battered beings, shattered glass , and lives in the safe neighborhoods- as he grows rich. Look at how many times this REVEREND cried wolf, only he emerged unharmed, his life unchanged. Who ever marched for his victim’s? And those of other so called REVEREND’S to be named in followups.

Look at the neighborhood’s he chooses to march in and disrupt life there, for what and why? Civil Rights? How about that little boy who was foolish to ride on his own bike, in
“”one of the neighborhoods AL Sharpton fears to follow the Lords footprints into, never mind near. Or the hundred’s killed in still worse neighborHOODs! I spelled it right HOODS, no neighbor’s live there without them, and constant fear. 24/7, no time off for Holidays, Holly days, SCHOOL days or any days including funerals! 

Where has AL been? Did these area’s pop up over night? Are they so far Off the profitable road, or in some secluded area not accessible by Al Sharpton to physically go there? Why in the world would the, if asked, refer to himself as one of the greatest CIVIL RIGHTS leaders ? I see him on TV, they see him on TV, those who steal the others TV’s see him. Why can’t he see them? He loves to fill the air with hatred and mistrust among us human beings sharing this miss managed planet. Like that character in Charlie Brown, when he talks it sounds like BLA BLA BLA to a KNOWLEDGEBLE, listening ear and mind.

He has his pulpit to safely enter the HOOD and yet he is at a loss for words. Safe in his studio, props filling his water, as make up wipes away a bit of moisture on his brow. The only thing they can’t give him, that network of biased views, is a “Martin Luther Heart and Soul” to be the TRUTH SAYER  for this lost generation. So it seems we are stuck with him, use what you got and pray something better comes along real soon. He does have a somewhat watched, views not NEWS channel he works for, so let us challenge him to do the right thing, as well as his network. Ask his script writers to put only TRUTHFUL words with actual facts, as he saves America, to come out of his past “Wolf Crying” mouth.

Lets invite AL to the HOOD by the millions!  AL SHARPTON must MARCH for The Civil Rights of those trapped in “The Hoods of Chicago , then other gang plagued cities in America.” Or shut the blank up and get off the air!

“The President of the United States spoke for some time ( longer than all his words on Benghazi concerning one citizen than on Four Dead American’s who served our country- who were unaided by his administration) about Trayvon Martin. It now is very clear that we must adhere to separation of Church and State unless it is Rev Sharpton, Jesse Jackson or Wright who have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he can’t in their case.

Did he run for office to change this or is he afraid of losing their support at the expense of all Americans and our values? Either answer is unacceptable. Is he now going to be personally responsible for any harm that befalls any of our citizen’s during future  planed protests- He promotes these events from the office of The President of the United States- States once separated that White’s as well as other races died for?

Where is America’s right as a nation of free men – law abiding until now that the verdict he wished for as well as the so called reverends is not the one they DEMANDED! Justice is blind but he is not as he blames color for Trayvon’s death by daring to say- ” If Trayvon was white, BLACK ZIMMERMAN, not the WHITE HISPANIC or self proclaimed Hispanic, would have been found guilty!” We look to books, movies, plays for fiction- we look to our, all races/religions of American’s, PRESIDENT for truth. When can we expect it- 2016 after the next election?

He uses his own life experience as a Black man ( I thought he had a White mother) and I argue that his experiences growing up are vastly different from that of the average AMERICAN regardless of color as a in his word- good example. George Zimmerman despite the media spinning him as “White Hispanic” ( Have any of you checked that box on any government form?) is part of the vote his party panders to (I claim lies to in order to fool them into supporting them) for votes. So call Zimmerman White and the vote is unaffected. How UN-American is this. Divide and conquer is WAR 101 – guarantees victory as history has shown. In this case who would BENEFIT from this division- not American’s- not America.



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