If I was president Obama’s BFF

If I was president Obama’s BFF
The first thing I would say to him each day would be “Simplify.” Stop over thinking and do what you know is right. Tell the people that solutions to age old problems are in their hands. Schools need only to strictly enforce a dress code by all to end gangs, envy, distractions from learning.

This would greatly reduce the cost to both parent and society. Start putting the millions out of work, to work across America by placing all utilities, drainage, shelters, communications underground. Cover all roofs with liquid solar conductive material, helping to solve energy, conservation and global warming and consumer cost.

Place two-three year renewable photos on social security cards, along with any drivers or non-drivers, or government identification cards. This would help to solve problems with immigration, employment along with fraud and security issues. Do away with special interests nation wide that aren’t in the citizens best interest as a whole, not as a group.

Remind the people they alone hold the power to help America by returning to the streets and parks as neighbors, reclaiming them from those who wish us harm. No crime can be committed if we all stand together against those that try. By knowing who, or what is going on in our neighborhoods would save lives, money, and America.

Tell them to start today by family first, then our towns and states. If we stop allowing our own to commit crimes unreported, society will benefit as a whole. Stop allowing bullies, criminals, any thing against mankind to go unchecked, and the cost of everything will come down.


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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