Have you ever wondered why fatherless children outnumber the motherless ones?

Have you ever wondered why fatherless children outnumber the motherless ones?

Why bother being a dad today when society allows easy access without great cost, concern or time involved to men. Think of today’s courtship’s, as a temp job with great benefits in advance. You may quit at anytime the going gets rough, and find another soon enough.

Sex is given freely with unlimited usage. Available everywhere to anyone any age, in assorted varieties by man and women alike. This has never been a burden to man because we don’t give birth or nurture our young. We deposit only, with many wishing for little or no return. We don’t have that link to any except our own mom’s womb.

Son or daughter to every woman, strangers to today’s so called men. A woman will spend her life for anothers one night stand. She may love the man, while he loved the sex. She dreams of a life together, and he hopes to last awhile. Some give multiple men a chance to be ones dad. How is that working out for them?

You hope to change his mind, he changes sexual partners. You’ll wait him out; he’s waiting for another. You’ll pray, to him you were prey. He was important to you, you were of short if any interest to him. Love at first sight, or easy to him.

You want to tell the world, he wants to keep things a secret. You want the relationship to go on forever, he leaves when he’s done. You made love, he had sex. You give, he receives. When it’s free, why pay.


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I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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