Growing up with 13 STATIONS ON TV

Growing up with 13 stations on TV, and a few UHF channels, TV changed from black and white to color. Life and the values allowed on air helped raise, and educate our country as no other nation before, or since. Family and friends shared their TV rooms, and their lives.

Many became doctors, police, fireman or some other life they saw on the screen. All of America and the world saw us on the moon. We laughed or cried, we were scared or entertained in our own homes we were informed of local and foreign affairs. All of this with no cost to either pocket or soul.

What we saw was controlled or regulated to protect us from as it turns out now, a society without values that would have advanced. Gone are the censors and the family values in record time as the number of channels and sources increased. Money buys airtime for both right and wrong. Nothing of value survives when the dollar is worshiped by all. How many minutes of good news, compared to the hours of bad do we see or hear today?

How many families sit down together for dinner, then shared TV and discussion today? More channels and outlets, equal less values and family worth. Today we have shows promoting life styles once considered both immoral and illegal in the past. Biased news and views helping to confuse or distract us from the truth. Generations emerging with no morals or plans. The streets, schools and homes are re-enactments of the life styles portrayed on the screen. Forgotten are the values that once made us great.

From the child to the leaders respect has been replaced with excuses. Money has value, while life itself does not. Hoods replaced neighbors, self respect replaced by self interest. Father’s abandoning families, mother’s without respect. The young and old now prey instead of safe both here and abroad.

Brothers and sisters, whole families, now share only their genes. American’s hiding and suffering at the hands of their own. We have done to ourselves what no enemy could ever hope to do. So turn of the TV’s, computers and get turned on to life. Go backwards to see the future improve. Get your family to remember you are related to each other. Get out of the house and know your neighbors so the enemy stands out from the crowd. Life is not an episode.


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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