Bullies will exist as long as people fail to Stand Together

Bullies will exist as long as people fail to Stand Together

    Bullies will exist as long as people fail to Stand Together. There is no place in America that the bullies outnumber the normal people. The bully exists because the world is full of cowards. We are afraid of being sued or arrested or saddest of all bothered to come to the aid of another.

Gangs exist in our schools and streets because today’s parents fail to keep their own out of such groups. No child can become a member if its parents or guardians forbid it, and follow up by being aware of what they’re doing on a daily basis. Every American has the chance to put a stop to this once and for all. Stand together and help one another be strong.

The laws need to be harder on all that think against society, no matter their age or location. The arguments, excuses don’t cut it in the real world as we can all see today. No one for any reason has a right to harm another either verbally or physically. Children are not the only victims of bulling, it exists in the work place and homes, and the streets of our country.

I can only add that many of us have had problems and hardships, obstacles in our way, yet no harm have we done. Life was given us all equally with no price to pay. We each in our own little worlds and our own unique way never sought to harm another, while blaming another or something akin as an excuse. I wrote once that excuses were like passing gas, they sound different yet has that one undeniable common link, they all stink.

    To really get out there and do something to actually help each other would require very little if you weren’t alone. One person can make a difference in the lives of every American, if not the world. It takes time to build up strength of body as well as mind. Strength has been said to come in numbers, or so I have been told. The numbers seem to be shifting between the good and the sad, proof that American’s must now and forever stand together.   

    If our past is behind us, and of this I feel safe to say we all believe, then what have we learned. Has there ever been a time we as a people have failed to stand up for another in some foreign land. To rise up their people and free them of oppression. Then why within our great republic are its citizens suffering, and feeling alone and helpless. Hunger and poverty are things we lead the outside in vanquishing in their homelands. Then again I ask each of you why our nation under God is growing into third world conditions. We are homeless, poverty stricken, preyed upon by our own.

    We have it all if you ask any foreign citizen. Many of them don‘t stand together. Some whole cultures gone forever. I never want to see America become anything but the shining future we have provided for so many of them. My country has always had my heart, now she needs my hand and yours. She’s looking for America‘s Citizen‘s, not some gang or group or club or party. The people that shaped this mighty country’s offspring and new proud citizen’s who chose to join us every day, still breathe today.

Alone and scared too often to speak of their fears. The problems they face shouldn’t exist in this age or in this Country. America is thought as the land of life to those with no future in their own land. My last question is why have we lost another citizen at the hands of our own people, and would you have stood with her and saved another life.

You can e-mail me an answer or do something real for a change. If the Army doesn’t mind I’d like you to think about being all that you can be, except instead of their Army strong, I’d ask you to be American strong. No ones ever defeated us before from with out our blessed land, let it not be from within.


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I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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3 Responses to Bullies will exist as long as people fail to Stand Together

  1. robert says:

    I would like you to take a look at a story and war that has been going on for over a year.About bullies liars.and want to be dictators thanks.Go to FB and boycott Denny’s.Or help stop the injustice.

  2. robert says:

    And you are 100% right.So let stand together and control these bullies.

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