Wild animals increasing attacks! Children, women, men, all victims!


Wild animals increasing attacks! Children, women, men, all victims. The jungle invades the cities of America. Are you safe? Are yours? Their friends, your pets, all types of people either harmed or killed. It’s on all the news channels, even the lying ones, you know this is real. Turn it on, pick any channel or station you want. Right now!

Different locations. Times. Types. Deaths. Details so graphic, I won’t go into that, I’m only human, can’t stand the pain. In one today, a pack of football player sized, followed the alpha, but left the young girl alive. Mercy one would think served. Hope the case. At least she’s still alive. A survivor. One of those lucky ones. You’d all be wrong. She will relive this. Often. Tears fall. Fear returns.

Another an older man. Lived a life pure. A helpful soul. A fellow Vet. A hero to us all. He worried over another, a lady friend, a women in need. He was in his 80’s. Survived war. Raised a family. Buried them and said farewell to friends and relatives, he’d outlived quite a few. Lead a life better than most. Sitting in his car waiting to do what he felt right. They killed this son of America. Another pack, among many prowling our cities, took an innocents life.

So cunning and pack strong, these beasts, they operate alone. Cock sure no resistance bars them from their prey. Once found only in jungles, and always in the dark, the light does not frighten them now. Or you. Not even armed officers, and all the many different departments to deal with them, have made a dent. Sure we bag one here and there. A few trophy’s. Not everyone’s armed for protection. Hence they became the prey.

Adapting to man as most non lethal creatures, it is often they hunt you, with greater skills. They practice. You pray. They make their bones over yours. A good living with easy pickings. They grow fat off you. You watch them feed. Paralyzed. Fearful for yourself. You know your next. One always breaks off from the kill, searching for more, never full. They take their own trophy’s home. Their sires either pleased or oblivious.

Our streets infested. Were slowly being over run. They might even take over. No home, school, work place, place of worship, street offering us harbor. No place in America. Our prisons breeding mutants. Improved versions. Recruiters. Scouts. Guards. Queens. All serving The dreaded two legged  beast. Man.


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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