Stand With Me America

Stand With Me America
Urgently Need Millions of Americans in all States, all Towns, all Streets, all Homes across America. Imagine a lifestyle free of sorrow, filled with happiness. Every man, woman and child living life to its fullest. Everyone treated as if you were related and helped along life’s road. Plenty of food, drink, opportunities to explore work all across this great Country of ours. Would you like to live without locked doors and places of danger or fear? To know that you and your family need not worry when out of each others sight. A lifestyle where the healthy and those with special needs, the young and the old, the rich and the poor, all religions and beliefs are equally secure. If this sounds like something you would like to be an important part of, please read below and help make America great.

How many of our children and women must die or disappear before we stand. up to protect them. It seems to be a problem that will not go away by ignoring  I call upon each and every citizen to “ Stand With ME “ and do the right thing.

We outnumber the bad in this country in all but the willingness to get involved. The low life’s count on us not getting together. They operate in the day light as well as in the dark without any apparent fear. They come in all sizes, ages, colors, all incomes, yet no one sees them. We look away and hope they don’t see us. We turn blind and deaf as they prey on our society. We no longer know who our neighbors by name. Fear fills our streets, schools, and public parks for both the young and the old.

I say it is the bad ones who should live in fear. Stand with each other and take back our country. Stand with me and I will help you be strong. Every person that helps another, helps themselves. Go out and greet your neighbors so a stranger stands out from the crowd. Watch out for all our loved ones so we are no longer prey.

Stand with me America so our country can be safe. I can’t be by your side everyday so please stand together. I can’t be everywhere but you can.
You are all stronger then the bad. No bully can face a crowd. No thief can steal what all eyes are on. No child can be harmed if we all listen and see. No woman can be harmed if people are there to render aide. No one old or young can suffer if we all stand together.

I call upon you my fellow Americans to return control of this great land. I will be there for you, so please be there for each other. Be the human being and let us put the animals in a cage. No vigilantes, only citizens doing what is right. If we fill the jails we will build more of them. If we save one person the cost will balance out. Are you willing to live a better life now. Stand with me America, none of us can do it alone.Stand up with me, and America will be free.

Stand side by side, against all who don’t abide.
Stand up against all crimes, and we will live in the best of times.
Stand up at home with all your might, a family united is worth the fight.
Stand up for the weak, and together we can have the life we seek.
Stand up for the young and old, for together we may all be bold.
Stand up against everything wrong, Stand as one and be strong.
Stand together and end all pain, Stand united and we all gain.
Stand against bullies and thieves, Stand deaf to he who deceives.
Stand up with me as a proud American, and honestly do all that you can.

Contact me – Together we are strong – Let us work together America.


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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