What’s Obama’s online name, he seems lost when questioned on reality, I’d love to know his off time versus on?

Reality is a realm Obama should enter, he finds out after us, what’s he doing in real time truthfully?

How many minimum hours wage = health scare implication/repair/ cover up? Can I get my bill itemized please? For IRS credits to me.

Insurance Industry’s extinction planed, don’t they call that a type of mass genocide, by some regime, for their purpose?

Unity is feared, so near, the sweat glows, desertions mount, retreats planed, new allegiances sought, and its only Monday!

The Carney Barker directs attention where the Circus Master directs. Sounds like Jay?

I have to pay taxes, now coerced to buy, from my employees, their health care plan, and they trash our unions? Mock our intelligence? Why?

Why are the employed ordering “WE THE PEOPLE” to pay what they want for everything, who’s their negotiator, we need him?

Government Managed Health Care – The Latest Oxymoron?

If you really loved me, you’d never lie to me, cheat on, steal from, go through emails etc, force sales on me, why, Obama, don’t you love me?

Voices are rising to the level even DC can hear from “WE THE PEOPLE” now that reality matters more than online.

Stop the lies, the spies, IRS guys, not answering when any American dies, bad green buys, insider ties, and we’ll stop our despise.

Bill d B backs Harry B’s racial claims, not factual blames, so sadly to fallen names, this clown shames, and others if I name names.

Who the hell do “WE THE PEOPLE” think we are you politicians ask? YOUR BOSS! Donald, their fired, tell them man!

I’m teed off over golfer, putting a hole in our country!

What does one read in “THE PEOPLES HOUSE” that prevents knowledge of their day in papers printed today?

Bernie’s wishing he was in politics right about now!

“I’ve got eight years to do what? Speak up, this Black Berry’s not so good these days, remind me again to sell stock in time”

“Don’t worry, I’ve got three years left to get those “WE THE PEOPLE” fanatics in line, now push my health care. Run along”.

“WE THE PEOPLE”, are the most out of touch owners of America, to let the employees ruin our name.

Why does Twitter suspend honest tweets, while flooding unlimited usage to known falsehoods, and want to go public? Why?

If “WE THE PEOPLE” wanted to be lied to by our leader, he’d speak them in anything but English. Right?

What a grand place this America is to allow its citizens to do nothing about her problems, or demand answers why, Bless her soul.

The last time politicians couldn’t agree on what was truly good for all, was the Civil War if any recall? Why not now, and free all this time?

I tweet deep-truth-passion-unity-prose-word play-patriotism-against wrongness-often-between suspensions-for “WE THE PEOPLE”.CU

When you wake up tomorrow, remember today’s tales from DC, the show getting canceled soon, no reruns planed.

If we demanded our employee answer for wrongs overtly committed, would Obama do his proclaim and media cover then?

Pleading the fifth protection is their right, same as “WE THE PEOPLES” to fire them on the spot. We are the lawyers too. And Judge/jury/BOSS!


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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