“WE  THE  PEOPLE”

If you need something to bring yourselves together, try looking out your door. The one to your home, if fortunate enough to still have a permanent roof over your family’s heads. Out the windows as you drive past signs of depression, not only of pocket, but spirit. Neighborhoods abandoned, looking movie set like, not a happy film. Idle time for millions out of hope for work, leading some astray, some deceased. Some place, this America, out of nightmarish proportions today. Thankfully their only twenty four hours in length.

Tomorrows another day, too soon to do what needs to be done, even for an American, you. Like every new opening of our eyes, we start anew, at least those not suffering hangovers or some such thing. Behind us last nights dream or nightmare, yesterday, and all excuses. Now we look forward, Obama touted that along with hope, and look at you.

Trouble was, you relied on his vision. What he sees. What he wanted you to hear. What he knew you’d buy. Him our nation. Without a fuss. He out saw us. Not out gun us. And your still dead. He tinkles on you, calls it rain, you put the umbrella down. It smells like it, looks like it, you wouldn’t want to step in it, yet you swallow it whole. And defend the Turd. His media stinks, and their ratings smell pretty good. All those dollars pouring in. You pay to watch the commercials they pay to suck you in. Happily.

The party’s over. As divided as you. A dung heap rising. A flag at half mast. You all alone. Like the varied proud tribes here, gone after the white man. Not his color, his accepted lie. Black in intention. Masked in plain sight. We all feel its crowded, malls at holiday times, millions passing, strangers by. Across the street, next door, up the hill, down the creek, our own homes, strangers.

Forget population numbers, censer figures, crowded bus or subway car, there’s only you. Alone. With them! Imagined or not, worried, why not? You have knowledge of the real world. Horror on the news, anything but. A lotto winner, cute kid, Susan Boyle, winners now and then. Did it happen to you?
No but it made you feel inside. Wish. Dream if only I. They did something. A million you tube hits on a guy farting. How many on a petition for change?

I write a lot. Think too much. Worry about all. Each of you, our planet, and the shame of both your waste. My shame. I can fix it. You, and Earth. Simply. In three years. Obama’s had five, leaves you three more to survive. Or hear me out. Read my pages. Farmers sow seeds, we eat. I sew you all together, the world feasts. I tried years ago to get the great Oprah, forgot she supported his highness, why would she want you to work against his plan. WPBF, a near enough station, actually returned the call. Blah blah me, no not for us, so here we are, blanked!

Many of you read my coming out into the light, not being a STANDER-BY any longer, truths. No white man here, an American. My blood runs red. And its pumping hard now, driving life back into this vet, and you. Take the transfusion, my plasmas American made, infection free, as our people are. No Angel, but a devil slayer. Or call my opponent evil, the ref will call him out. Down for the count. Round one! He messed with an American. Failed like the rest. Those battles ended on the fields, and entered our lives. Time for taps. Time for you.

Join me. The winning side is only better when all enjoy sweet victory. No wounded in our war. No casualties. Less PTSD for everyone. A badge of honor proudly on your chest, not in one growing dusty. I know all my fellow Vets, and all who serve today are with me, are you. You’re the one we risk it for. Are you worth the heavy price? Are you all with us? You wouldn’t just sit home watching them bar us from our fallen, right? That was you calling, e-mailing, standing right next to one of us, right? If transportation, gear, and some quick instruction was available, would you have come to aide in Benghazi?

Why then allow this on died for soil? Here or there? You are American? Right? Or a STANDER-BY? Its time to decide. Do you want to live, or slowly die? Which road do you chose? The long and winding, or lined with mourners? The way it is? Or how it should be? If you’ve read this far, I hear you. Loud and clear. I’m locked and loaded. Fire me at DC. They know I’m coming. Let us surprise them. Come with me. From where ever in this majestic land you first appeared, help me make evil disappear. Without getting up off your ass. Unless you want to. Reinforcements! No wonder we win.

I said “WE THE PEOPLE” in the begging of this my say. I want you to say it. “WE THE PEOPLE”. Live it now. Show it to DC. Tell it to DC. Prove it to DC. Tell them no more white man rule, “WE THE PEOPLE DO”! Lets break the color barrier once and for all! One Nation! With liberty and equal justice for all! Old words never lose their meaning, they just need to be remembered, and found again. Like I found you. An American, right in plain view. Not STANDING-BY, giving me a try. You’ve lost most everything their way, now try the right one. Send Sonny of THE MEEK into battle. You be my second in case of any foul blows by the evil ones. Don’t disavow any knowledge, I’m not on a rooftop alone with my buddy, not alone, anymore.

The place of their surrender, will be decided by you. My question is how soon can we engage them first, and cut them down in size. Rats always desert the ship sinking. We call them to our side. Repent and rejoin your rightful “WE THE PEOPLE” in control of all tomorrows. American again. Not evil.

Here’s my plan, though only an enlisted man, to some. Rank not earned worthless. Like respect. Some demand it for failure. Some earn it by worth. No evil should have been allowed to tarnish our Republics from within. To late now to close the barn door. Like our open borders, only prowlers notice who really belongs. And act when your off guard, alone. Away from crowds in a hurry. Imagine the fear if it was all of you? Standing together. Saying NO!

Say put Sonny before you, let him have his say. Either way good entertainment. If I win the bookies go broke. If I lose, you do. I like you, hate them, bet your house on me. One of you. Rough hands. Strong heart. Big mouth. Not evil, American. The same as you. And ready to rumble. Get ready to rumble to. Not mumble. Rumble.

Flood the networks, their blogs, their elected offices, their homes with demands. From the BOSS, “WE THE PEOPLE”. Or fire them, whichever is easier. My ways faster, you have to wait till either 2014, then 2016 to end queen hillary’s dream. Small letters for little hope she should have. I know I’m not with her kind. You know, evils sire. The former DC kind. If you don’t throw my towel in. Not my night? Not even in their dreams!

We’ve stayed in the background so long we never noticed it was becoming the front line. Casualties all around us. Screams of pain. Pleas for help. Last breaths taken, needlessly. Come out into the light to chase the dark ones away. Come together. Come on lets play. Let the kid in you out. Lets have some fun for a change. Worries done nothing good. Try playing American
I may be a faceless Face Booking friend now, but I’ll be a smiling one in the end. Share my smile. Wipe theirs off. See which looks better. See America.
See you on TV. Bet heavy, were favored to win. By “WE THE PEOPLE”!

As Bogart said “Here’s looking at you kid”!


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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  1. Becca says:

    WOW! You are an excellent writer! I feel your passion!

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