“Tears For Cay Lee”

                              DEFENSE ATTORNEY

                                “Tears For Cay Lee”

I saw your face singing “Don’t Take My Sunshine Away”,
I ”yuv you Pop Pop” spoken as you colored for your last day.
I knew you not in life and yet I grieve your loss today.
My tears flow uncontrollably as new details come my way.
You started as a missing child newscast over three years ago.
Your death is still a mystery as truth your mom does forgo.
Lies told as your frail young body was discarded as trash.
Eaten by natures creatures as away with pieces they did dash.
Spread across and beneath the ground, your casket a trash bag.
Those sparkling eyes missing from a skull with a tape gag.
That amazing smile replaced with a sticker of a heart.
No chance for singing or breathing as hope of air did depart.
You were cast off as if some unwanted thing.
Not as that wonderful child I saw sing.
So many of us openly prayed you’d be found alive.
As your mom wasted months, only your teeth, hair and bone survive.
JoJo, grandma and Uncle Lee still suffer your mom’s unending lies.
She blames your death on them and only for herself she cries.
Never in my long life would I have ever dared too believe,
That a jury of twelve she would also deceive.
Your in the hands of our Lord, forever safe from harm now.
The same Lord mom and the other twelve must answer to, and explain how?
They all made decision’s on this they will answer for in the grave.
They answered here “Not Guilty”, twelve decided your mom worthy to save.
Mom will be wealthy now in dollars, beyond her wildest dreams.
This is justice here as crazy as it seems.
So for now on earth she will live very well.
And her last lie will be in a casket on its way to “HELL!”
In my prayers you and all the others will always be,
As well as the knowledge that on earth there is “No Justice For Cay Lee!”

Casey Anthony case , America’s flaws revealed, was justice served?


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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