How do you get the Presidents Ear?

 (  Originally published Florida Paper with add on from their Editor during King Obama’s first destructive term (while in control of both houses so we can’t blame GOP)- ARE YOU WORKING YET? ?

How do you get the Presidents Ear?

If I had the presidents ear, and his attention, I’d have you all working both night and day. Not one  person would be out of a job or home. One project alone is needed in every state. Millions of workers to do thousands of jobs. Business and manufacturing providing every man, women and teen a minimum of forty hours, three shifts a day.

    Project One entails the burying of existing and new power, communication, utility, drainage and safety rooms across America. Eliminating outages, saving lives and utilization nature to our advantage. Sources of power may change, delivery will remain basically the same. Linked together throughout the states a series of tubes and tunnels able to direct flows of water from flood lands to drought, or needed utilities. Secure power, utility, and communication will lessen all costs. Safety rooms spread out underground or above will save lives in time of need.

    The skills, materials required are all American made. All workers and businesses gain as does our whole country. All the waste products, recycle able materials we could utilize would eliminate a portion of Project Two. With everyone working, business thriving, manufacturing humming, our lives now safer then ever before. Life for every American will be enjoyable, costs would lessen, life expectancies lengthen, and we will be able to thank ourselves for a job well done.

If your reading this and have his ear please pass the word along. You can have the credit for the whole idea if that’s what it will take to help my fellow Americans experience the lives envisioned by our founders. They saw a future our children still may see if we act today, united as one nation under God. Our beliefs may differ on religion or politics,  not on life. A working, prosperous nation is a happier one for all of its citizen‘s.. A safer nation is for everyone. As a reward for getting him going on Project One, you can also claim Project two. Short video of one plan – Lets talk soon.


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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