Statue of Liberty superAmerica Needed for Peace to exist!


AMERICA was born after great battle on a Fourth of July, Over land of freedom for all mankind a Flag would forever fly,

A needed nation in 2014 none may deny, America’s concerned so helps patrol the sky, World’s mightiest force Do away the bad guy, Willing to give any a fair try,

For others wronged we quickly answer their cry, For all of Earth’s citizen’s freedoms we still die, We never question lives in crisis so it’s of no surprise were “THE GUY“,

Our Freedoms for all men we share equally not deny, truly equal to all American citizen’s are not living shy, Our enemy’s all say Bye-Bye,

Their bothered now by many a US spy, Gathering info on any In land ruled by evil lie, False leaders there soon loosing face with even closest ally,” Help us their people worriedly cry“

Though all should stop their sigh, Our victory for them is nigh, The guilty US will fry, So say I, Like you an “AMERICAN” the reasons why!


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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3 Responses to AMERICA and WHY

  1. Short, spirited, and true! Thank you. We need to keep our hopes high and that’s not so easy when we see who’s in charge – and why.

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