Oct 31 Boston, Ma

Obama said-“When Hardships strike-where there for one another..”-Where is “THERE”-anyplace but Benghazi?-DC maybe?

Salesman in Chief, stumps never brief, looks for relief, when talking of grief, while answers thief, this failure in chief, we need relief.

Obama has some good points even I must agree-Like the way he blames anyone but he-for plotting against we-who didn‘t foresee.

Duck & Run” while “Kicking The Can” with “Hope And Change” “Warring On Women” some” Killing 20 Month Old” is America?

Lie to the people-divide by hate-hold them needy-punish unfairly-keep from work-tax the dead-force to buy=yep boys-Obama’s our guy!

Who elected, to be neglected, disrespected, our cash expected, untruth accepted, guns collected, our rights rejected, but him respected?

Law of the Land for you and I, why not the rich & famous & connected or the elected guy? Their out in an hour, you share shower?

Didn’t we lock away those knowingly fleecing , extorting, raising the vig, coercing, our citizen’s before current Admin.? I’m old.

Brains not used elect wrong choice more often than not, unless Obama won because the smart voted not, or forgot, so him we got.

College curriculums determine futures wasted or tasted, depending on reality taught students, with prudence, or indoctrinated.

Left-Right= How many America’s=One Nation misled= Our America-We The People= One America- You and I= Owns America= VOTE

We pay more for less, accept deceits carelessly, help perpetrate tall tales, deny our rights, resist not, is this America?


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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