History revels man as the ultimate destroyer of life

Why do many religious follow those who confuse pray for prey?

Believing in those who only want you to continually pay.

Miracle cures and items to purchase abound.

Yet nowhere among the hospitalized are their altars found.

Wanting for nothing material, themselves insured.

So where are these millions they supposedly cured?

Why are their blessings monetarily secured?

Why are so many falsely lured?

Millions poor and suffering in every land,

While false profits with your money have their retirement planed!

Akin to most politicians in promises broken,

Stop believing in everything they’ve spoken.

Let ones record to date reflect their true intention.

This is true of many you’d care to mention.

A new year approaches with predictions from ages ago.

What meaning this has we still do not know.

History revels man as the ultimate destroyer of life.

Without his presence there would be no strife.

A planet offering life is very rare in all known space.

One wasted so is the shame of the human race.

Never uniting as one race for the betterment of all,

We destroy one another as all recorded history will recall.

Voices silenced or forgotten today as in our past.

Asking simply to give peace a chance to last.

Not in one land, in all.

When will all people heed “The Meek’s” call?

On the spider web predicted we are all online today.

Thousands of people have viewed some of what we have to say.

Newspapers have also passed along our word,

Yet the lack of personal response is absurd.

Over one-hundred thousand views on’s web site,

Without network mention on this or any other night.

FOX/CNN/MSNBC/HLN/ABC/CBS/NBC among other places,

Tell conflicting accounts of everything with two face’s.

Views, not news is the norm this day.

Motives and money behind what they may say.

Truth has little commercial value in these trying times.

Hence my attempts to reach you all with my rhymes.

If music sooths the savage beast,

I hope my lyrics have that effect at the very least.

Help turn our future in the right direction,

Vote for one of “The Meek” at the next election.


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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