Welcome to my world, and feel free to comment, I would expect no less



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Read a little each time only, mull it over, taste a little more. Don’t overeat, you’ll spoil desert, and not have enjoyed the meal. Read slow, I type that way. Chew on each question, improve the gravy, share your recipe. Enjoy.


Today some consider me a pain in the butt, some, not all. “Again”, this guy who pops up while your refreshing your page, and so on, so what? You deny needing a little prodding, a DC electric cattle one almost doesn’t get it, so why not my words?


I don’t hear any arguments from all but a lose screw or two, or anything else from 99% of you. I’m not in that 1%, not even 1% of all the pay, varied work experiences, in the bank. We went there for free checking, no one gives toasters anymore, or much interest these days.

Look in the mirror as I stare you in the eye, stop the winking, we aren’t as young as we’ve been. Or outspoken. Some have shut them their whole miserable lives, others like me, speak for them. As do you’ To them. For them. Not about them. For they are us, not always easy, we’ve taken beatings, then, you shut your mouth, turned deaf to needs cry.


Better men they be, they looked for you, away your eyes did stray. Now mute and blind, that poor bastards in a bind, you were the only one from mankind. A two legged beast, perhaps with the pack, of all his worries they were the least, worse your mute sightless back. Or her s. That child, the baby, Grand Ma. “No MA PROBLEM”!! You dare say….


Now you know, un friend- lose email- delete whatever keeps contact we have, if others see your back. Offense intended, I wish they added a detonate user button, cowards like you always take down others, “backers” never have the guts to do it right. By right I mean go ahead you are, right to off yourself. Another had no value to you, that I care for, so go you know what, yourself.


Anyone still here, look carefully next time in the mirror. You may be someone’s HERO! Not super, a cartoon or figure of imagination, a human being. In 2013. A novelty. So please keep this quest, or perhaps goal, of always facing our problems, united for real change. Together, two of us can lick six. Six can lick 36. Together, they will dwindle to nothingness, in a surprisingly short period of time. “Simply”. As it should be.


Sonny of “THE MEEK”, Those Humans Enjoying Making Earth Everyone’s Kingdom, offer a simple life plan. My words to date, the belief in you, the fact your reading now. Shows the promise thinking, doing, everything together, solves all there is. Test me on anything wrong on this plentiful Earth, I’ll give you the “simple solutions”. Answers costing less money, that to lessening in time. You know, the opposite mankind endures today, yesteryear, and without you, tomorrow.

Begin with that most needed to man and beast alike, fresh water, “rich he that owns an oasis.” Everything’s in need of water, and nothings done about its absence, times denied, unnecessarily, as “simple” proves. I’ll use Tampa, Florida as a perfect example. Florida’s aquifer are far away. Already over abused, and needing help. They take from the never fear of lowering ocean, Process it, using everything one way or another, and out it flows. Thirst quenching, irrigating, swim able, desert blooming, water.

Every continent surrounded by an inexhaustible life source, oceans. Lowering it solves many other problems. Pipelines, rivers, lakes, cities, abundance of food a by product to boot. All of Earth’s people able to survive, and spread out of these life choking cities, and deal with flood control at the same time. Shelters, safety built into design. Work for billions. Pick something you want to do, not stuck doing. In two paragraphs, we’ve simply solved, thousands of either new, or rediscoveries, as the water flows.

TIME FOR BREAK – plans sent to BO, Post published my “How do you get, the Presidents ear?”, added pictures from Japan, and how this saved lives. during first term, of his eight year vacation. President of the above, self inflicted, Sargent Shultz’s ” I SEE NUTING, HEAR NUTING” “backers”!

“BACKERS” = The above paragraphs + the money backing them. Not you!


Toss in Crime and Schooling, solved in less than a year. Crime will cost you all around ten- fifteen dollars, depending on the whistle you choose. Blow it falsely, huge penalty will ensue. Use it wisely, “simply”, to signal other “Facers”, and problems solved. Turning “backs” will join as “unity” grows. Politicians have to listen. Another by product. “Simply”, almost free. Just that Hero, in the mirror, one of “THE MEEK” ended it all.

Schools a joke, almost always was, solved simply, with a Pad to begin with. Not one cent on biased, soon outdated books. No longer children bent over from carrying another”s profits, some indoctrinations, hindering futures now bright. Groups of parents, other “MEEK’S”, concerned, instead of unearned instruction. Promoting self desires, one pursues best what the heart, not the pocket desires. Power lies in knowledge, shared all succeed, no one left behind. In one short read again the simple way, is the only way, to insure life.

I touched on Politician, had to, the subject was crime. Show me an honest one today. All of you encompass our, never forget that fact, country, and the Earth. All that are, shall not long be. Some will repent. Many will run. Not one false to you remains. This is why “THE MEEK”.

Our time is now. And I’ll show you the how, you know to well the why. America’s the only mother THE MEEK could ever have. Others abort us, distort us, end existence for millions, if not more. We Love her. Need her. Want her. Protect her. From any and all, Mother will never die. She’ll outlive us, insuring our generations of ours to survive.

Mom’s not needy, greedy, seedy, she’s a sweetie, with enough love for all. My brothers and sisters, speak tongues of many lands, cover a rainbow of color, and thank Mom, not all like clones, or back turners. She made you. You’re an example of her attention to your needs. Open ranges, fields of bounty, providing more than any needs. I see her everywhere, our shared family, in need of a helping hand or two. She gave me mine, how can I deny her use?

What to do? Where to start and how? I believe in God. Your free not to, Mommy taught me well. I pray in thanks for today. Your free to thank or curse fate, or as Mom says, your beliefs are nobody’s matters. Enjoy. I know she speaks only truth. As should we. That’s Mom, our will is free.

Mother Earth’s our Grand Ma, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. She nicknamed us branch. Because we spread our beauty outwards, growing stronger, reaching high into the sky. She lets me sit here, typing, time offs fair.

If I’m sowing, while growing THE MEEK before the next needless death, her fury effects me not. Solving her minor ones are within mans grasp. Her fire and wave, her shaking here and there, events no time to write, put out of our head for now.

Someday, after inheriting, a MEEK will solve them too. Working together with no secrets, aiding progress, healing, discovering solutions by the day.

Mom’s hindered, as we are, by the afore mentioned Politician. Obama today, no matter tomorrow, if not one MEEK at heart. Not I, perhaps you, possibly one converted, shown sense. Saint Hoods out for me, I took to many years deciding. To be a good Son, or an errant one. True helpful, yet often neglectful, is it the same with you?

Mom wants a family reunion, and no, is not an option. Take it from me, as an elder son its my duty, if I want you getting older like me. No invitations, too impersonal, she wants it by word of mouth. The family way. How else could it be, in reality? In the mood she’s in lately, disappointing her, would break her heart.

I hear her crying. More often, unknown to her my hearing, hearts silently break, as in the shadows was I. I broke my silence, ashamed of this now distanced, not by mere miles, family we have. Uncle Sam, almost forgotten, now Mom too. I didn’t go to his funeral, I’ll be damned if hers is next! He slipped away, was gone before I heard. Too busy dealing with life to alter it, or keep tract of who’s gone, hopefully not for good.

Lets start with Mom. All us kids. Come on over. Lets give each other a hand. Like we used to do. Before Mom cried herself to sleep at night. I’m sorry Mom, my Mommy, my Mom. I don’t want to tell your spirit, tend flowers at you grave side. The sun won’t shine without your smile. The moon’s light darkens at the thought. I’m sorry. I am. A little ashamed so look away, these are not joyful tears. I hear yours and shed mine. I can’t help it, you made this man.

Mom knows she’s loved by all, don’t get me wrong, but a call or visit would be nice. Don’t have her beg that nourished the whelp, get off your ass and help Mom. A card would help. Use a voting one, that’s always been her favorite. Show ID, sign on line, give your sister a ride. Uncle Sam left boxes close enough for the lazy to stuff. He had a brain that man. No stamp needed, saw the half a buck, and give it to poor cousins.

Nothing fancy, Mom prefers the same, each identical, earned not stolen. No whistles at Uncle’s Polls, you’ll shame us all. Don’t vote for deceased, who may have failed to show her love, when alive. If you live here care, if not steer clear, my Uncle may still be here. Keep an eye on the backers, their brethren, their boss’s, and friends. The rich ones buying one of our Moms special cards, money’s no good, souls worthless, so send them off empty handed. Our family’s honors never for sale

Now all cards must be in on time in November, Uncle was smart, he’s opened them for a few days. No excuse this year. Two failures is far too much. Mom’s strong, but three strikes and we could all be out. Some things are out of her control right now, you recall she’s never asked for help. Not from being too Proud, rather for who she is, fair to all. Able to forgive. She holds no grudges. We fail, she still embraces. We fall, she raises us high. Unless you know a good replacement, I’d rethink my love for her.

Her birthday’s come an gone, the celebrations lessening by the year, this her son bares, not a single one of our Mom’s tears. The grounds absorbed payments of blood, Grand Ma cried back then, Mom won’t again. THE MEEK, are peace, if peace a man can be, peace can be. Rejoice. Our time is here. History, fairy tale, belief, dreams, hopes, prayers, you are of THE MEEK. Mankind. All. Each. With every breath. Of. Am. I. All THE MEEK.

Shall we say Earthlings. What’s that mean to each of you? THE MEEK INHABIT THE EARTH. Earthlings are human. Humans inhabit the Earth, simple. Hampered now. Evil holds even your tongue, hiding inside open mouths, shouting at TV or what ever world source you use. Have you gotten any answers there, or from evil’s throne. I can’t get that name, Obama, without leaving need for mouthwash. Soap would fill his if raised right. So between us, that’s who evil is, I trust my family.

How do good folks overcome evil, again simple, use that unstoppable vote. Impeachment wastes our money in evils defense already, why add to our deficit. Excuse me, their expense account. What did you get for any of it? Safe? Ask those souls from Bengasi, if our military’s not protected by evil, who do you think you are? What’s your kind doing in one of their places. Besides paying for it that is. Evil’s house, once “WE THE PEOPLES HOUSE”, now us vets can’t go and pray. Or you. Punished by an unfit step daddy.

Fame shows evils flaws. Less flowers thrown, now some hurled. The sound of FOOLED-THEMS praise, now him humming. Maybe sleeping alone, oh that’s right , misery loves company, he’s got more than any before. Why stay in evils company? Does he look happy to you? I am. At evils demise. Eternal thought, only he runs from our MOM! “That Bitch can kick ass” I grew up hearing. No one wanted to try for two out of three. No one.

Mom’s apples grew tough when warranted, too soft inside, but shielded with a skin of honor. We walk the walk, proud hearts talk, prove, instill (THE MEEK teach truth, trust, honor etc, you’ll catch up) for all the residents of our planet (That happens after Mom’s happy again) a safe harbor. A permanent home. A life’s work or dream filled to brim. All men created equal, men, also MEEK, set in motion peace for man. They gave her English name, America.

Mom’s had more names, than evil and his flying monkeys put together. Proof the older one gets, the more beautiful. Her Mom to, Grand Ma. She needs our help to, but Mom’s favorite gathering of her children is fast approaching, she understandably waits. Smiles on almost every face, revelry in the air. Her nightly tears abated for a day. All hers and Grand Ma’s children celebrating as one. Not the four corners, TIMES SQUARE, TOP OF THE SPHERE, EVERYWHER, for new years day. Small letters purposeful, “NEW YEAR”,


Why not here? Mom deserves front row, ultra VIP, all inclusive, view. You wouldn’t be her if not for her, so chip in a little of your time. Not a dime. Evil leaves you little enough of them. This evil, he’s not one of a kind, something new, he’s what’s wrong for you. The Flying Monkeys too, almost to the lap hound. Not all. But who? Even THE MEEK don’t know who they’ll be. Were all equal, we live and die, rent our time doing what?

Good guiders are among us, I’ve absorbed much from mine. We have no interest in Guidance – what evil calls by many names on Earth, here we had presidents. Some still living, a new one unforgiving. We own Mom’s land. Our father’s blood closed full payment paid, back when a handshake sealed the deal. (you new apprentices only- THE MEEK TWICE asked for a hand raised back in wave. A voice raised high by unity. Echoes of freedom on the wind. You gave us nothing. Mom nothing. Grand Ma nothing. Uncle Sam missing.)

Is the name, THE MEEK a bother? Is any? I know of none prouder. I am Sonny of THE MEEK, not me, I, count how many of those, evil spouts. Loneliness committed suicide denied access, thieves stole away, self want replaced by we need, life or death a choice? Mine’s longer. Their ways not. Your? If you had, would you need more, and more? Is a fair days wage for a good, hard to use up vacation  job, better than none? Remember up above, work at your interest, not opportunity to have one at all.

Every job, business, should I go on, has a name. So to a way to life, hence entrance to peace, needs something to be called. THE MEEK. We go back to the first man, do any of their snooty ones come close, and they put on. We do good. For all man. You. The evil one and his Monkey’s too. We leave them to you. Our family. Mom’s children. Our kin. Peacefully united unstoppable greatest thing on Earth with the power to vote. Don’t vote party to evil, keep it in the family, we at least care.

Two, ten, however many exist today, came not into existence, for you, THE MEEK. Why argue over what is good for one child, why not simply, help this kin. I hesitate not as ice cracks beneath my child, yours, theirs. We don’t debate if the thank you “EVIL ELECTED” people want you saved. We give for free. Not a penny. Evil wants them gone too. Not me, keep it, use it wisely. Why all the above answers, dollar’s wasting end, for no money.

It measures not your worth. To THE MEEK. Under evil, not to many others soon, without THE MEEK. No cash here. Poor of pocket, as are you. Meaningless this worship, hording, cheating of we Americans call dollars. A mans value across the Earth is immeasurable in such unstable form, as a bond, we grow our pots together. Some will work harder to grow. All will sow.

Men your crop. Not fathers named falsely for failure to show up on that, most important job, our youth. Deceit, Larcenies, you get the point. May repent and apprentice a way into reacceptance. Find us to Guide, not lead our kin. Good men surround you, or chances are you’d not be hear joining. Ask the questions evil avoids, seek truth. Truth is trust. Truth is a must. Find the honest among you. Do all, and give it one for MOM, to elect us, not them.

A good man will stand out from the crowding wrong. Attacks without merit, unrevealed there and then their proof, now losing tactics.


 Today’s say over, on my end, not yours. You comment, I ingest, we talk anew. 


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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  1. Mr WordPress says:

    Hi, this is a spellbinding, satirical, lyrical, Thought provoking pleasure to have on our site. I wish you’d reconsider increased offer. Promised not to ask again, my boss didn’t, so please respond to his e-mail. Sorry Sonny.

  2. janicedwhs says:

    I like this Thank you

  3. did you get the last comment? This is like a raido ckeck, check, now let me know on a comment of this post! Thanks pal, never know how to swap words like this, only six r seven months on the internet. An no help at all!

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