Do you Want to Live

Dug this out of moth balls-

I ask you if there has been enough wasted years ?

I need to know if we’ve shed enough tears?

On needless wars and suffering caused by man,

Or is all of this some madman’s plan?

All the blood that has needlessly been shed,

Shares the fact we all bleed red.

Two-thousand and twelve my calendar reads,

With people still spreading their evil seeds.

I speak now to the average citizen of every land.

To my fellow serviceman hear what we’ve planed.

I speak for the meek across our world, every man, woman and child.

If we unite the prospects for peace are not so wild.

No leader of man can force you to kill.

No race united can be forced against their will,

To do harm to another human being for the reasons they’ve had.

I have heard them all and it is truly sad.

We have enough for everyone if we work as one.

Together there is nothing that can’t be done.

Technology exists today to supply water to all of mankind,

So why is a drink so hard to find?

Food and clothing, shelter and care,

These should be the same everywhere.

We know enough about death and so little of peace.

This will end when together all violence does cease.

Today exists no reason for man to get along.

Electronic communication will end all that is wrong.

Our words are not limited to the sound of one voice.

Together across the world all nations will rejoice.

One planet, one race has not been said here for the first time,

Its subject recorded throughout in book, song and rhyme.

Religions speak of goodness as well all there ancient books,

Where does it say to kill another for his differing looks?

What God calls upon its worshipers to kill woman, child and man?

Only mans voice, his interpretation of a true God’s plan.

Look into your hearts as you use our free brain,

And ask why so many suffer needless pain?

We have never been true to ourselves or our offspring to date.

Join THE MEEK and alter mankind’s fate.

Those Human’s Enjoying Making Earth Everyone’s Kingdom,

Allowing all those on earth to know the sweetness of freedom!

Open your mind to the fact peace on earth is in our control.

And all you have to do is stop and examine your soul.

Do you want to be as free as the life we are given?

Or wait till the end of yours and hope to be forgiven?

My words and this message is not something new to your ears,

Many have sought peace without you involved for far too many years.

One man is weaker than two, times this by billions and that is our number.

Think over this message as some comfortably slumber.

Forget not those dieing each moment you hesitate,

Or the fact in your joined hands lies man’s fate.

Join here with THE MEEK and say enough is enough  this day,

Purchase nothing unneeded  on the sixteenth of May.

One day of your life to send a message to be heard by all,

No sales-no money- one day to prove we’ve all heard the call.


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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