Do you believe the government would pay attention to “WE THE PEOPLE”, if we paid it back?”

“Most would crawl across the ocean to walk up our shores”

“There’s nothing effort cannot achieve.”

“The secret of life is accepting peace forever, not awhile.”

“News was truthfully delivered by town criers, then on radio & Black &White TV, we added channels, then color and lost honesty.”

The question shouldn’t be “Who let the dog out?”, rather “Who let the wolves elect into “WE THE PEOPLES HOUSE?”

“Elected foes of “WE THE PEOPLE” should all be recalled, if you recall who is the boss, or let them say if freedoms worth the loss.”

“WE THE PEOPLE”, I the citizen support, encompass, strengthen with every breath, for “WE THE PEOPLE”, insure tyranny’s death!”

“WE THE PEOPLE” kept “I THE CONQUER” from utterance in AMERICA, back then, and now no longer, by your vote.”

“Only America’s enemies punished in the past and present our citizens fighting for “WE THE PEOPLE’S” freedoms, today he misleads within.”

“You can only silence my words in print and from the air, when “WE THE PEOPLE” all disappear, or fail to care, or freedoms share.”

“When lies are told so boldly as to be truth to unthinking ears, America suffers your brains failure, and your hearts lack of cares.”

“Suspend, delete, remove my words from print, control readers, listeners, “WE THE PEOPLE” will find our way home to America.”

“How many times does a person have to jump off a cliff before he realizes that’s how he broke his leg?” Fiscal or actual.”

“Not thinking’s why life’s stinking!”

“If the good “WE THE PEOPLE” outnumber the bad, how do they last?”


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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