Some New Tweets To Dive Them Crazy

  1. Spy on we, the citizenry, brazenly, for all to see, try to imprison me, from signs of God to see, not woe on me, but thee!

  2. When they come a knocking, my knees won’t be rocking, and that’s not the clock ticking, it’s me cocking, my seconds for Glocking!

  3. Patriots one and all, hear each others call, soon the regime will fall, and we’ll rejoice and have a ball!

  4. If I ran the country, it wouldn’t be aground, instead your savings account, wouldn’t be empty, but sound!

  5. I’m not saying their all lying, or pockets their plying, But there’s no denying, someone’s been spying!

  6. Online Blogger’s hated for truth, their media loved for deceit, if one gets to the root, this admin tosses them out in the street!

  7. Good men exist today, their just called various names, By media and those supporting America’s hunger games, no names, just shames.

  8. The ear’s of our Republic hear a whisper, some needing interpretations, now not permissions, Now eye’s are upon us of incrimination’s

  9. CS for HMS-LL for IRS-HC for Benghazi-JK for Nam-BO for AC-JB for BS-HR for NP-VJ for CP= Guess the who and the reasons for firing?

  10. BLAME= Barrack Looks At More Employees, not to fire, to rehire the denier, I’m not saying liar, after a fifth I’m no dryer!

  11. Spying has gone on from the first pretty girl, practiced , perfected, honed to a fine art, only took an activist to tear it all apart!

  12. Seeing Vets mistreated in POW camps is understandable, on the battle fields too, but at home, shows who’s heart is true!

  13. I for one want Obama to always lead out front, even an old Vet knows he doesn’t cover my six, I’d rather a fighting chance!

  14. The five year Obama diets working well-six new belt holes- bringing baggy pants back- now my weight and income loss match-Now its OBAMASCARE


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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