Dear Peace

Democratic Republic of Congo Reform Efforts Inside the FARDCPlease, Help me deliver this Across OUR WORLD, I’ve failed you alone-

Dear Peace,

What language do you speak, that no man listens to, or sadly, ignores? Have you abandoned mankind? Are you imprisoned? Am I seeking one long deceased? Others have sought you throughout recorded time, are you not immortal? Real? Are you but a shared dream? A hope? The answer to our prayer’s?

I’m sorry so many questions, such desperation, starts my plea to you. I don’t know if you understand English, it is my native tongue, and one I’m familiar with it’s many meanings of a single word or letter. I will learn yours, if you’ll only reply. I’ll teach it to all sharing this great planet, Earth, if you allow. I can keep this secret, but I swear no oath, they are all my people. All seeking you, as those before them.

Was it one from the past that caused your departure? Your removal from man, was it self decided, or had they sinned killing you. Am I writing to myself, for my world, a future including man? Would my words reach you if I stood upon your unmarked grave, if you in fact are gone forever? To be nevermore in mans presence? I pray not.

As surly as my heart beats, I know you exist, it is a shared belief this day. Billion’s search as I, for you, dear Peace. Please hear their cries, read my words, give us a sign. We need you. We want you. We die not finding you. In numbers vast. In ghastly ways. In final breaths. In the eyes of our baby’s, we see you there, a reflection. They know you. You comfort them. Please forgive the parents, the people, me. Give man another chance. A future. Hope.

We will follow you. Cast off our supposed leader’s. Leave our shores. Everything you say will be obeyed, allegiances from all, with no exceptions. We still have free will. Many good people. All yours for the taking. Voluntarily. Willingly. For eternity. For you. God won’t tell us where or if you exist today. Will you? I know, I’ve asked in prayer. He’s answered many things, some not asked, but not of you. I know your friends, I understand.

I ask now if you will. Understand modern man. Uncivilized still. Primitive. Barbaric. Two legged animals. The worst killer Earth has ever known. The waster of a wondrous planet. The feared in our universe by other life, thus ignored. The faithless and believer. The good and the bad. Me. The one now seeking you. For all of them. For all of mine. For myself. Before I die.

I too have grown older in my search. Wiser, yet not smart enough to find you. I’ve searched many continents, both on foot, and today here on the airwaves. I’ve not been alone, in either, or the last. Many have given up, become resigned to their fates, or joined God. Many too soon, before their time, for reason’s making no sense at all.

Your enemy the cause. He’s never hidden. Been imprisoned. Lost more than a skirmish or two. He is everywhere this day too. Not even the promised land immune. Our places of worship, though many, and varied are not safe from him. He has many followers. They are all kin. They all speak hate. His languages known. They shout before striking. Some the nerve to invoke God of life’s name, as him they shame. Relish death. Their own and innocents. Every second of every day. Ordered by men claiming his will. Men. Claiming, none proving.

What God speaks through evil tongue’s? Filling graves with the very life granted by him? Seeks harm upon their creations? Destruction their land? Ask for their unnecessary help in doing so? God can do anything. God is goodness. All powerful. Why do fools then believe, the words come from him? Why do the outnumbering true, stand idly by unchallenged, their blasphemous deeds? Why do followers of religion surrender their faith? Their beliefs. Their own lives? Why? Why do so many believe the deceivers? His, evils, spokesmen? Their leader’s live, the follower’s die, and you can’t be found.

Are you amongst us? I know your within. Knowledge of you undeniable. Your whereabouts unknown. If I told you, God could use a hand, would you return to us? I lie not, ask anyone here, his removal they seek. Even in my America, birthplace of his gift to me of life, our leaders try. From our sight, our tongues, our shores. With both of you gone, we will be extinct. They, world leaders, have never sought you, or him.

My friend peace, the people do. We not only seek, we pray, for you. In many tongues, and ways, spread across the planet. Many openly, some quietly, some secretly, many loudly with pride. I am one of them. Proud of them. A part of them. A human being. Man. Sharing a planet. Floating in space. Part of the universe. All missing you and him. Awaiting return. Him we know, you’ve never been found. Does Peace exist? Questioned for all time. Lifetimes. End times. This time by me, of you. Tomorrow too. Till my time.
I am but one. I am not alone. Others will try. We will succeed. You will be found. Why not now? In English I here try, in my heart, our hearts, we speak to you as one. Please hear our voice’s. Try to understand. We want you back, if you’ve ever been, this is the time. The time to live. The awakening of man.
Awaiting you. Evils end. I am begging you.

Yours Evermore, Earthling Sonny, of THE MEEK, and all Mankind


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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