“Every Fire’s Different – Like Passion’s – Patriotism – Victim’s – CHILDREN – YOU –
Hope’s – Dream’s – NIGHTMARE’S – Reality’s – FUTURE’S”.

Mine burns eternal in this old vet’s heart, for all of you. Unknown, save for renting time on this planet, my family. My Friends have no restriction’s if human, able to at least obey only ten once laws, thought enough, is good enough for me. I’m no Saint, never claim to be. I’ve been as faithful to my wife and family, as I am for OUR country, till my last breath. Last breaths are not one’s goal in life they wish to achieve early. Or should. Should they?

All around us in the real, and sadly today the CYBER world, creature’s once of the night, operate freely in the light. If your reading this, it proves intelligence alone, is not the solution. If it was we’d know peace. Action, added to though, with unity will. You will. Now. Get on your keyboard armed for war. The final battle cry of this post, is to stop the violence among us. Like all winning strategy’s, we will divide and conquer, take out their BULLY‘S first! Let’s get them out of the homes, schools, job’s, street’s, and the electoral!

We are undefeatable! Fact, not fiction or a dream. Ask any expert on Earth. The United State’s, is, and will always be, due to you. Us vets helped, your family does today, but without the strength of all of you. Each of you. Without exception. No quarter given by them, on us, on you. Until today. Thanks to you. Your our champion’s of America. This is our land, not just part of our song, our inheritance. Paid for in full with the blood, of our father’s, and mother’s. The same suffering now in 2013. This very second. Ask any expert. I say it is time to stop the clock. In my younger day’s I’d like to “CLEAN THEIR CLOCKS”! I told you. I’m no Saint.

Saint’s help great those we’ve failed, far too often these days. My dead Pop was a bully, until l was around ten. The short of it is, I informed “THE BIG MAN” he’d have to sleep. He popped my Mom for the last time that night. No, I didn’t stop his clock, just some of his ways. Mom new she wasn’t alone. Victims of bully’s often are. For women, the makeup helps hide our shame, not hers, you left her defenseless. If you tell me you have never seen signs of abuse, run for office with the other vermin.

It is time we took an active role in ending BULLYING online and everywhere . We lost another to inactivity by law makers to enact stiff penalties due to Face Book. I want to use Face Book as an anti-bully tool. Many adults have no idea off how powerful this weapon is on our youth today, or their own lives. Profits ahead of their safety dictate this, and far too many aspects of other sites, at times insecure. Pictures for perverse use by the trolls. Criminals watching your postings to increase their odds. So join me here, your neighbors and families, put on some boot’s and kick ass. Legally. Together. Today!

This site below is Florida based, new, and I can use your help. One old Vet can’t save the world, but I know you won’t let our nation down, and until my final breath I won’t allow you to ignore any longer their plight. We have experienced life, they have yet to. A lifetime’s spent learning, hopefully, and these kid’s would benefit from your wealth of knowledge. I’m not the brightest bulb, but I wish to add to the illumination of our combined brightness. Let’s stop everyone’s BULLY! Everywhere. UNITED!

Help me end the early final sunsets, or last new day’s sunrise, those unaided may ever see. Many hand’s make light work for all, even if you can only spare a few minutes, preventing another needless loss. If you do nothing, that’s what occurs. I hate crying, or as we men say “I got something in my eye”, by another tragedy followed by something even worse. I’d rather take stock in my fellow American, than Kleenex by the box.

What can you do? Tell me that which we can’t do UNITED, for once in our lifetime, to offer them one in exchange. I am one citizen , one set of hands, with a heart. I am doing something about this. Today, not off for a tomorrow that’s not guaranteed to arrive, or “A ROUND To-IT” stall. Join me, better me, save someone without another moments hesitation. Do it for the people around us, kid’s are not exclusive to bullying as sadly many of us know. Don’t be a “STANDER-BY”, be a human being! I can be reached at the site below, if I’ve reached inside to the true being, I won’t be there alone for long.

I’d like to thank greatest people on earth, you my Face Book friend’s in “DEED” for this time. I leave you with this to ponder – “A hopeless life this day does not exclude a future beyond one’s dreams, or the love of life you’ll breath evermore”, say Sonny of “THE MEEK”!

END BULLYING once and “FOR ALL”! Like the page so I know your Alive, and care.


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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