Please let me Know if you hear a Whimper or a Roar

Written by this Old Vet to AMERICAN’S Everywhere

In a place called Afghanistan,
Lie bodies garbed in the cloths of man,
They fought until unable to stand,
Fighting in another war they had not planed.
They gave the gift of life,
For a leader causing needless strife.
The wounds of war,
On some foreign shore,
Pale to that when returning in caskets home.
To find America’s like ancient Rome.
Photo OP as four from Benghazi,
Remain a mystery.
Now games are played,
Their sad return delayed.
By Commander in chief,
Their honors thief.
No peace in death,
As their loved one’s fret.
To mourn their own and ours,
As in the White House our leader cowers.
From voices rising every day,
Saying the next election will change his way.
Why he chose to punish those who gave all they had,
Has this one old veteran feeling sad first, then mad!
Obama never fought America’s battles.
Choosing rather to be a leader that prattles.
Harming the very citizen’s blood spills to protect.
Treating our country to his neglect.
Elected twice, lying of his true intent,
Destroying America he is HELL bent!
Dishonors those fallen in the struggle for peace today!
He won’t let those military chaplains pray!
He closed a free nation to its citizens,
Yet opened the National mall to Mexican’s!
Amnesty for illegal’s, kill 20 month baby’s, gay rights.
More important than the people suffering both day and nights!
Or our brave military,
Did you listen to Hillary?
Now loved one’s must cry and wait,
As their loved one’s have met their fate!
I thank Obama for only one thing he has done,
He woke American’s up and I am proud to be one!
Are you?
Is it true?
Do you really care?
Is the time to get out and vote again united here?
Will you rally to your nations defense unafraid?
Or is this whole post to you absurd?
I get more hate,
Then any help to date.
Banned and posts removed by the powers that be,
In a land with your help, once again free!
If your afraid assemble behind one’s like me,
We have always taken the bullets for thee.
I will shield you till I to have fallen, and joined my fellow servicemen,
All we ask for you to arm yourselves with a pen!
Obama’s proven how mighty this is as a KING!
Is freedom again a song you would sing?
I am known here as SONNY of THE MEEK,
A better world is all we seek.
We have offered plans so simple to this administration,
Their lack of response is a source of frustration.
We see you trying also to no avail,
Join with us and we shall not fail.
Vote for the land envisioned by our forefathers, not the powers that be.
On October 31st , 2013 – will you shout out with me,
“ I am an American, Obama hear me roar!”
Say this from the rooftops, work, across the shore!
Instead of eating your lunch at noon,
Shout loud enough to be heard on the moon!
Not much to ask, you don’t have to go out of your way,
Is America worth a few minutes out of your day?
If you answer yes, tell a friend.
Help us put his reign to an end!
Pass this around on the only free for now web if you agree,
Join us in our pursuit of an America that’s free!
May God Bless America, and all of you,
Patriots of the RED WHITE AND BLUE!


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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