A Thank you to America, and the World, From ONE HAPPY BULLY!


A Thank you to America, and the World, From ONE HAPPY BULLY!

I want to BLESS each and everyone of you STANDER-BY’S for my wonderful life. I couldn’t thrive without you, in these for you tough times, my pickings are prosperous as ever. You never let me down, I always get whatever I’m after, and you are so loved by me. I’d kiss you anytime I want right on the lips, of course only the pretty one’s, both woman and man, and know your no precedes “ DON’T STOP”.

Ask the STANDER-BY, and they’ll tell you , “you MUS TA DESERVED IT”, not to your crying face, behind your back and in the courtroom. Or better yet one of my top tens, “It’s not my business”! Like helping another to keep breathing was a frigging job! “Not my kind of people anyway”! Me and the others make a fortune off that gem. A treasure to us, too bad it helps keep your poor numbers rising, and my competition for what’s left rising. Get a job and keep your hands out of our pocket‘s, good cloths cost money.

The big guy’s in DC would never think to thank all you million’s of STANDER-BY’S as I so graciously have. It seems both their hands are stuffing it away faster now a days, I sent them a HATE YOU letter for cutting so deeply into my profits. These bullies have me considering a debt ceiling for the first time ever. After all it’s their boss that wields his mighty “PEN”, and change’s what we want and what he has planned for you “STANDER-BY’S. Shut up and get in line before we set Holder on you. That man operates “FAST AND FURIOUSLY” when told to jump.

Can you imagine the harm they could have caused if one of you STANDER-BY’S failed to receive my check. I’ll break your leg, not lock you up with my own version of the DC gang’s IRS. And you all better get that Obama care so as to be able to be mended and get your ass to work, I’ll be needing a new ride soon, and I roll’s in style.

Speaking of the DC gang, vote as often as possible. Remember some of those good old dead friend’s, fill your ride’s to the polls. Push along as many of the STANDER-BY’S, ID’S or not, their not buying beer or smoke’s after all. You be good little boy’s and girl’s and keep the same one’s in, we hate frigging change. These boy’s we can count on to keep thing’s from affecting my buying power. Credit rating’s, who cares when you pay with someone else s cash. Stop worrying, and get that second job you lazy bum’s, My boat’s costing so much in taxes’ , I had to anchor her next to Kerry’s little raft.

One word of advice, the next STANDER-BY caught humming “HERE COME’S THE QUEEN” when our guy Obama steps of the new throne, gets BENGHAZI-ED. You will die UN-aided and be forgotten about! Try to squeal, and our media boy’s are all among you to tip us off if the NSA don’t first. I’m watching you STANDER-BY, their watching, so knock that “I GOT RIGHT‘S” shit off, before I slug you with my LEFT. Both are powerful alone so don’t give them a reason or me to use both.

Didn’t the big guy teach you mook’s nothing during our shutdown. I must be getting sentimental in my old age. I thought you STANDER-BY’S would have stood by our VET’S, first bet I lost during this administration. Don’t let it happen again if you REALLY KNOW WHAT’S GOOD FOR YOU!

Another round of applause, along with this thank you for civilian STANDER-BY’S, goes to our good boy’s and girl’s VIEWS CASTER’S, for their help herding you along. BRAVO to all of you for your fine unpatriotic acts of loyalty. BLOOD IN-BLOOD OUT” oath unnecessary with you cream puffs was the RIGHT call. LEFT to your own choice’s you came on board for your own ego stroking and the thrill’s running down the leg. Thanks for saving one of us from dipping into our retirement funds. And kudos on the award old messenger of deceit, you help lead the way for silent occupation from within.

And to all you dead beat’s out there leaving your rug rats UN-fathered and not paying your tab. I’m going to get you the “Chief Enrollment” award for our gangs out, and in jail’s across the entire country. And to ALL you hooch-y momma’s out there, thanks for being unfair to your children, can you imagine if they had a chance to go straight? Some might have given us a rough time. And I got it on good authority, from a reliable source, abortion hero’s are keeping Jesus at bay. We continue winning in the battle over life and death. And kudos for that grand slam honey on the Senate floor. Who knows how much longer we can keep him at bay. What a frigging disaster that would be. I too would need to find a new job!

I will try to schedule around my outings on the tee, another few minutes to extend my, and our, undying gratitude to each and everyone of you good little STANDER-BY’S. With highest regard for your continued support in the near future, Yours Truly, ONE HAPPY BULLY!



About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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