To the man in “THE PEOPLE’S HOUSE”, Why bring terror to our shore?

To the man in “THE PEOPLE’S HOUSE”, Why bring terror to our shore?

Having never been close to a battle, you know not the smells, nor sights of war. A fool’s solution in seeking peace, hence all so called leader’s past, and quite evidently present. You promised the world “HOPE AND CHANGE FOR AMERICA”, been campaigning what now, five years in office alone.
Blame cast asunder as well as “TRUTH” before our, what, lying eye’s, and ear’s? You punish “THE UNCONQUERABLE PEOPLE”, “WE THE PEOPLE”, “YOUR FORGOTTEN PEOPLE” for what?

Electing as the first oppressed, our “Native INDIAN‘S” would say, “WHITE MAN SPEAK WITH FORKED TONGUE” imposter. You claimed to be “THE LEADER”, “THE ONE”, “WHAT WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR”. Did you not? The world watched, as a man of mixed race’s, as our mighty Republic is and will always be. America walked the walk our Nation proudly talked. As the world joined in unison welcoming you among the many. Fellow renter’s of time here on earth. Some true leaders, guiders of men. Others, as yourself harm their countryman. Why?

Why here in America? To it’s citizen’s. Many of whom once supported you. Believed in you. Prayed for you. The living proof all men are free. America is real. It truly does exist. Not the dream of our forefathers, their imagination could never comprehend the complexities of this advanced life, or our being conquered from within. Not one salvo over our bow. Not a shot to be heard. No planes shot down. No seen deaths, yet the wounded number in the millions, the unborn taxed. Unfairly. Unjustly, and the word you fail to recognize, illegally.

Read that book you professed full knowledge, actually bragged. Your good at that, why have never tried your hand as a leader, with practice you may  have been surprising good. We elected you to lead, those behind you, and with you to what? Lead their way? Not our way, “WE THE PEOPLE” surely? Not by deed. Not by deceit. Not by undue punishment’s to your most powerful foe to come, the “AWAKENED AMERICAN VOTER”.

Another weapon for freedom our ancestors armed all men alike with, their vote. Also unbeatable. Then and now. Our ballots are stacked and loaded, our hands cast you out by triggering an impeachment vote. Sides will be drawn. Yours as merciless as ever. Ours will allow for desertion’s.

Now to draw you back that which can not wait for your removal. Your bringing terrorists, and their fellow shall we say fanatics, extreme terrorists your side use’s against fellow citizen’s not these uncaring killer’s. You give right’s to those who left. Left man, woman, child, some pieces of themselves anywhere they please. Lifeless one and all. They shoot “ALLAH” obviously watched over child seeking knowledge. The cure. To another word used freely in the last few vacation days about American‘s, terrorism, another unjustly removed from Ft. Hood. Again harming American’s, this time our hero’s, why?

Now given rights they deny those not corrupted to believe, or believe differently, to life. Innocent life. Any life lost so, a crime against humanity. The two legged animal knowing how to prey, as others pray. Protected by you. Carnivores of souls. Like honey to a bee, drawing in their kind, you give them purpose here in America. In New York City, my old hometown, soon to be a casualty of yours, their kept comfortable and safe. Not mourning kin of those they either killed or maimed, but awaiting the pack. The other animals. Those you give purpose. To those they affected, a message. The enemy of my enemy is no longer America. Not while reigned by you.

Our border’s were better protected when we had the right to defend our land’s, our family’s, our home’s, our own lives, ourselves. Criminals seldom dared. Many died trying, many stayed in our jails. Vermin as these, those you choose to protect, laws enforcement not a choice. A sacred obligation to society. Not bartered, ignored, prosecuted to the full extent. I personally, and as one of “THE MEEK”, abhor death by man‘s hand. Life’s a gift not for our taking, rather for continued survival of mankind. True when enlisted hesitation would never enter my head. I’d be dead. You’d be spared this piece of my mind.

Is there no way this one citizen’s plea could persuade your ill thought-out choice. American blood has spilled long enough. For far too long. On too many shore’s. To again die in number’s nauseatingly high here in not yours, but “THE PEOPLE’S AMERICA”. needlessly. Carelessly, Callously.

You know your always going to be safe. Your loved one’s. Your fellow elected. Your friend’s. Their friend’s. Not citizen’s. Why is that fair? Does a pen give you might? Have you been to New York City as a citizen? Stuffed yourself into overcrowded subway cars or buses? Walked shoulder to shoulder with million’s of human’s from all over the world? Looked some in the eye, nodded, acknowledge their very existence? Why risk ending it then. Their continued existence. Their right to live. For those who’d relish their deaths.

They danced in the streets if you recall  amass, a date referred to as 911. Over death and destruction in the very City you house their champion’s now, and give them rights. Right’s denied American’s. Better accommodation’s. Three meals a day of their likening. Time, place, even a rug to pray on. Paid for with innocent blood, our tax dollars, our hero‘s lives, and limb‘s, and mind‘s. Other nation’s citizen’s. Even the unborn in a mother’s womb. All terrible prices to pay     for yours, and all leader’s, failure’s to lead the world out of the darkness they crave. The light’s in too many eye’s extinguished needlessly.

I ask you now why bring the darkness to America? Why leave breadcrumbs to be followed across our insecure borders for votes? Are they valued more than life? Self respect? Honor? Dignity? Our Republic? Our Laws! I vote NAY! “WE THE PEOPLE VOTE NAY”! humanity votes NAY! Our continued future votes NAY! The free world votes NAY!

What say thee? Your standard proclaim and run from questions must stop! The Reporter’s must be returned to “WE THE PEOPLE”! Truth time is here.
Check your watch. Watch the polls. Hear “WE THE PEOPLE’S VOICE”! That whisper became a murmur, which grew louder, increasing to a roar even your media share today.

Your media once, rejoining the Republic, admittedly shamefaced. Some as if this is all news to them! Such is America, were allowed to fail or succeed by our action’s. They know in their hearts they’ll be accepted back into the fabric of America. Elastic, bendable, our forgiveness unsurpassed today. We may even be able to forgive you, and the others, the list too long for this inquiry, in time.

Time to heal from governmental, purposeful harm to “WE THE PEOPLE” for reason’s we may never know, or t reasons. History will record this period unfavorably, for those you share the spotlight with, and “WE THE PEOPLE”.
Ours recording your harm. Yours, and theirs, revealing your shame, your crimes. To be honest, a word your side should have tried, I’ll read that history book before your reply.

Until we see your friend’s, and yourself out, try reflecting on what this one of your many citizen’s had to say. It may help, it certainly couldn’t hurt, to try it one time.
 Yours Truly,
One lifelong member of “WE THE PEOPLE, SONNY OF THE MEEK”


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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