Failure in Chief occupying WE THE PEOPLE’S HOUSE, MAY I HAVE YOUR EAR

Failure in Chief occupying WE THE PEOPLE’S HOUSE,

May I have your ear? I know ruining this country VS running it has always been your true intent. Truth, Justice and the American way has you baffled! As the great spirit – lord o mighty – kingdom ruler – with pen in hand disregard for law or citizen’s draws to its pathetic end, don’t feel lonely in exile. Nancy, Valarie, Van Jone, buddy Bill and all your posse will be joining you.

2014 is closer now, and 2016 is only another vote away from your fail (YES YOU DID) well party, the last on our dime. I understand, as do WE THE PEOPLE, why you took your little pen and extended Secret Service protection for life. No other real United State’s of America President has needed it, they served us, the citizen’s and most left office with our respect. Fear of a lunatic or two afterwards was very real, hence a limited number of years protection a necessity or precaution. We agree 100% with that time frame. They never purposely harmed THEIR citizen’s as you have! Nor left American’s to die unaided serving our great nation, watched as filler before arriving early to fundraisers. They cared, you never did. Except another PHOTO OP,

As if you ever needed a reason to”SMILE FOR THE CAMERA – ALWAYS READY FOR THE CLOSE UPS- MR. BIASED MEDIA”, “NO ANSWERED QUESTIONS AFTER MY EDICTS- AS PER OUR AGREEMENT- IF YOU DON’T WANT TO JOIN THOSE SILLY CITIZENS LOOKING FOR WORK-I KEEP DEPENDENT ON- AND FROM’. I’m sorry that isn’t quite correct is it? Today? Your holds lessening. The thrill is gone. Isn’t it? Even they want America back! If they were real REPORTERS, you’d be second to Assad as far as hurting “WE THE PEOPLE ” as he does his.

The difference is, we know and knew he hated America, and still does to his soon dieing days.Him and all our enemies, yes those that you’ve emboldened too, never stood a chance against “WE THE PEOPLE”! You on the other hand, fooled us from within. Thank you for the lesson learned, and lived to see another enemy of AMERICA, defeated in my lifetime. God is good some say. He blessed America. You want to lock him away. Like his son, by another tyrant in far off Rome. He too sought not the best for all people, only a select few. Descendents of WE THE PEOPLE his pawns to power plays. His rule ended badly, the people soon free. Not free as American’s, “WE THE PEOPLE”, before thee.

We are the  UN- KNELLING, UNSTOPPABLE, UNYIELDING, UN- DIVIDABLE  UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. DO YOU UNDERSTAND NOW? Why you had to fail? Why they all failed? Before you and after you? WERE AMERICAN’S! Not politicians! The true guiders of our fate. One for all, unlike your all for me. My way or the highway, I got my pen, doesn’t fly here. I thought you were a college grad? New OUR, “WE THE PEOPLE’S” , “CONSTITUTION”, did you read the jacket only? The laws are there to protect your posse and you the same as us, “WE THE PEOPLE”. To follow the same as us, “WE THE PEOPLE”. Peek inside, you’ll discover America. The country you lost.

You lost a lot for America while entrenched. Some respect. Some fear. Some hopes. Some dreams. JOBS for “WE THE PEOPLE” slim pickings, as your posse grows fatter and larger by the day. Paid vacation time in fact for your thousands of unnecessary tax payer overpaid, do you call them employees or base? Base is correct in your case as provided by Microsoft’s dictionary-

base [bayss]

(comparative bas·er, superlative bas·est)



1. lacking morals: lacking proper social values or moral principles
2. of poor quality: inferior in value or quality
3. counterfeit: describes a coin that contains a higher proportion of common inexpensive metals than usual
4. offensive term: an offensive term meaning of humble or illegitimate birth (archaic)
5. history relating to peasant: relating to a peasant villein renting land from a feudal lord (archaic)

[14th century. Via French bas

Your side loves words after all. Pawns, excuse me “WE THE CITIZEN’S”, you do not. Not one of you, least ways any who would go on record,against your GANG. Another word, this time one used by both sides, also not out for “WE THE PEOPLE”. Their letter’s coming. Lets stay on subject, as unfamiliar as the “MASTER OF PROCLAIM & DUCK” with that.

I am not disrespecting the office I enlisted during wartime to protect, and insure, my gripe is with the man. Your posse. Your gang. Those who bought office. Those that took, those still taking “WE THE PEOPLE’S” money. Our hard earned, as opposed to your kinds unearned, bread and butter dough. Now our grandchild’s too, and their futures. Mess with me I’m a grownup, harm the unborn, your a monster.

Or so TRUE REPORTER’S would have admonished you , as fiercely as your media covers you and that posse called DC. Only they were respected, yours a joke. They sought truth, yours never heard of it, at least not out of the mouths or deeds  of you, and yours. Was that arranged? Their disappearance I mean. Reporter’s? Not your Views Casters. I mean real life CLARK KENT’S. Not as superman, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. As a REPORTER. Their only power TRUTH, JUSTICE, and the AMERICAN WAY. For “WE THE PEOPLE”. Remember us? We remember them. They went where you decided not to hang out and smoke some good stuff, sorry I read your book, onto battlefields. Side by side with our defender’s, “WE THE PEOPLE’S”, America’s not for photo op HERO’S. Not legends in their own minds, legends entrenched in our heart’s, “WE THE PEOPLE’S HEART’S”! In our prayer’s too. As my fellow VETS are. You remember them, you attempted to keep tears flowing over a fallen one’s grave. A grave mistake. You guys love words. We love our HERO’S, both active, and the lucky to be alive.

We’d never ask them to turn their weapons on you and that vicious gang, your posse. The very culprits purposefully inflicting harm upon our nation, “WE THE PEOPLE’S NATION”. Why’d you ask them if they’d shoot their family’s? A trick question? They swore an oath. To America. To God. To unfortunately you. “WE THE PEOPLE” owe them. You use them. We praise them. You abandoned them. We do it in thanks for continued freedom. You did it fundraising. And your posse still cover’s your six. While we bury them under our, “WE THE PEOPLE’S FLAG”, you leave their loved one’s and us, still grieving. Hillary too. Disdainful of “AMERICA’S HERO’S”. Dismissive. Seeking to be the next “QUEEN”, assuming you’d transform our Republic into your “KINGDOM ON EARTH”, setting her stage. It’s all an act to each of you. You act one way to be elected, another once enthroned. A poor man enters office, a rich one exits one, or two, or more. Or stomps around making money keeping the posse secure. The crooked story straight. The politician. The media. The losers now.

Obtaining office to serve our needs a farce.  Your string pullers desire for power and wealth equal to your never seeming satisfied need for stardom and ego boosting.  Bold faced lies repeatedly told to us citizen’s with no shame from day one, of your now five year campaign against America. America, “pen in hand now Obama Nation” in your posses, and your egotistical mind. The maps not changed yet, is it?

It never will be! Not by you and those dividing by divvying out distractions in your misguided attempt to conquer America, were unbeatable! Face it your side ( against America) never had a chance! Never will! Impossible, and I’ll tell you why. The citizen! The citizen you woke up by you sheer arrogance!

The unjustly punished across this great nation uniting before your sides horrified eyes, joining the battle you’ve begun in earnest! Tossing your barricades aside, assembling before our HOUSE against you. Impassioned, empowered, UNITED against the enemy, you and your posse.

Your lackey’s in the controlled media helpless to cover your crimes against WE THE PEOPLE any longer without laughter from us all. At them, at you and your posses failed coup. From the inside sabotaging, plotting, stealing, trying to turn the world against us, kaput, like Hitler’s plan. They mock you, not THE UNITED STATES of America, their friend and savior. Regan tore down a wall freeing million’s, stood tall before the world and us citizen’s here, in his loved country. He was an actor before becoming COMMANDER IN CHIEF, your only an activist, our FAILURE IN CHIEF!

It must have been scary for your kind, as with all enemies of America, to see them outside our doors, by the gates, so close to you all in our WHITE HOUSE. That‘s the only thing about you, I understand. Bullies shrink in the face of those united. Cowards one and all, fearful of all on one united. Ask the British how that worked out as you seek to rewrite our proud history, change us from within, for now. You bought two elections as we slept, thinking you’d never win, thanks for the wake up call.

Other than your posse, your media, the unintelligent dependency junkies, who stands with your kind? Walls crumbling, around the castle in your mind alone? Again, i am just using one of the many fabulous rights underneath that book’s jacket you disobey , my “FREEDOM OF SPEECH. You , or your posse ,can put your hand across it if finger’s are not need to wield that pen.

Again person in “THE PEOPLE’S HOUSE” I mean no disrespect for the office you rented, just the man who’s plan has failed. I wish to thank you for “AWAKENING OUR NATION”, and this humble vet. It will be the only one History will reflect.


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I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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