American’s Awaken To Retake Our Country

Written Proudly by: Sonny of THE MEEK

Unbeknownst as we slept with eyes wide open, going about our busy lives, our nation has been overtaken from within. Many of us clueless with good reason as to how, when exactly, and why.

Like Rip Van Winkle of fiction, we American’s awoke to a vastly different world. A new America freedom less, controlled by those purchasing leadership to reign over our once free land. No shots fired, no surrender needed as American’s failed to vote. Millions went about their business of surviving these trying times, and handed over the greatest nation, to forces opposed to our citizen’s died for rights. Not unknowingly, unbelievably, and now undeniable. They overtook the airwaves. the printed, the once Nobel press.

Thirteen pieces of silver dependency denied those not joining them. And they joined readily, greedily, deceitfully voting for hope and change. They thought for betterment of America. Promised by usurper, and powerful enemies of freedom, from within our shores. To transform this once great nation to theirs, not ours, the citizen’s.

Word’s of truthful value, replaced with shameless boldfaced lies, unquestioned by media entrenched with the enemy of freedom. Duck and run president not only allowed, accepted by those once for all of us, mere citizen’s. My question is why? Thirteen pieces of silver to deny knowledge of truth? Power of the press diminished? For what purpose? We know by whom. We know his why. What’s their’s? Why be complicit in America’s overthrow?
Why silence our people’s voice? Why do they remain?

The answer’s clear to me, one of those formally asleep as you, allowances. We let them. We deserve their desertion from truth, by listening day after day to their lies, unchallenged by all but a few. Taking sides based on ignorance of fact, and truth. Once a powerful voice, a truthful voice, now shamed brazenly.

The few truth teller’s mocked openly, defiantly, by them and the usurper himself, fearing your awakening to reality. A few exist today, among them Fox networks, a nightmare shared by his posse, a feared enemy. Like reporter’s of yesterday, now shining light on the darkness of this world, they are feared. Mocked. In unison. Their grip on the indoctrination away from America challenged publicly. Their reporter’s unconstitutionally treated.

Not alone in their battle against oppression, as all those for America are threatened, feared alike by regime. Our posts removed upon discovery, our letter’s to editors refused, our access to be heard denied. Silencing the voice of freedom once shared across our land ensures their survival. They know they are hopelessly outnumbered. Unwanted. UN-feared by true American’s.
So they control the word’s you hear. Mock those of truth. Promote those of deceit. Not for WE THE PEOPLE, rather for them, the silent conquerors. Those in power now as you slept. Failed to vote.

Our founder’s never envisioned atom bombs, the weapons existing today for total destruction of our world, and yet they armed each citizen with the most powerful of all, your vote. Your died for right. Your future, our nations, in your control unchecked. If used. If believed in. If continued. If not surrendered or bought. If not ignored. If you value freedom. Freedom for all. Freedom for America. Now in the enemies hand as you slept. Failing America by lack of your vote.

Wake up, shake your neighbor’s awake, your nation. Unite as our name once suggested to the world. A world watching. A world fearing our demise. Affecting them. Affecting us. Affecting the future of all mankind.

Voting power is unstoppable. World changing. Future insuring. Regime ending. Ours to wield. Yours. WE THE PEOPLE’S. No longer for sale I pray.
No souls as price paid. God allowed back into America not by false votes, proved by teleprompter needed for usurpers party at DNC, passed before three fake votes written for all to see the word AYE. Their messenger and those on stage stammering, shaming America before our denying eye’s and ears, the passing already in print on his teleprompter before the votes.

Pen in hand ruler unmasked when speaking without his teleprompter. Their needed tool to fool WE THE PEOPLE. The heartless can never speak from one. True convictions masked by scripts revealed when speaking off the cuff. Gaffes were told. Were to stupid they think to do so, think and understand, know falsehoods presented as facts. Words their thing. Meaningless as to value. A tactic to divide and conquer our people. A new one here and there. Hope and change, war on women, raciest, why not fool.

Foolish American’s perhaps. By not voting. Like relying on our serviceman to insure freedom unaided by you, used as photo op for usurper and his posse, denied access to mourn their fallen comrades as part of their game.

“Over Take America from Within“, not by Milton Bradley, by those elected to serve and the power behind the scene. The ugly ones, stuffing millions into the Brest pockets of greedy self servers, those elected now. Not to serve WE THE PEOPLE, rather to destroy that which they fear the most, America and all we stand for. “Money bought many things away from WE THE PEOPLE, unity will take them back, vote to topple their evil plans!”.

“Support those working for WE THE PEOPLE with vigor and pride, those against with the power of your vote”, “Trust not bought, or forced upon words designed to confuse and divide our nation, conspire, believe in truth and live free”, in America. “Signs of closure across WE THE PEOPLE’S land begin to awaken citizen’s, to the UN-reality of PEN IN HAND’S reign against liberty”, “Assemble by street, town, unite by state peacefully, purposely, determined America be once again free of tyranny”!

“2013 our 1776, a renewed VS new Nation emerges on this continent, the Spirit of 76 forgotten, reemerges across the land”, as signs of awakenings become visible everywhere one looks. Not on TV, their media, their press, in the hearts of patriots. The voices before removal heard. The barricades tossed before WE THE PEOPLE’S HOUSE by our veteran’s. Our VETERAN’S! Those who unquestioningly served WE THE PEOPLE, survivors of battles for our freedoms. Slandered by their media. Needlessly punished by the oppressor and his posse.

“Seek justice for all crimes against WE THE PEOPLE, with first a CLEANSING BROOM”, as is the American way offer “Resignation VS Disgrace, Truth VS Lie, Unity VS Division, and be forgiven though their acts will never be forgotten”, as they leave WE THE PEOPLE’S leadership. As failures for forgetting whom they served.

“When a Leader selectively hears, or chooses to ignore WE THE PEOPLE, let the POLLS roar be deafening”! “ONE’S OWN FALSE WORDS END MORE THAN MERE SENTENCES, THEY END YOUR VOICE FROM REALITY AND OFFICE ”! “Americans United in the beginning to give WE THE PEOPLE a GREAT NATION”, “United States VS Divided States depends on peoples belief of their denied freedoms, or acceptance of their doom”. “Freedoms is in your hands to control from birth till death, let no man deny you”, “SEEK FREEDOM FOR THE UNBORN FACE OF OUR WORLD , AND THE PRESERVATION OF HUMANITY”!

“A hopeless life this day does not exclude a future beyond one’s dreams, or the love of life you’ll breath evermore”, “Love of life’s a necessity denied mankind for far too long, obtainable, just out of reach for most today”. “Follow your hearts beating need for survival into action, not off till another day, do something together for a change”. “If offered life as it should be, versus as it is, which would you choose?” “A free world is only a helping hand away, within our grasp, ever closer as you vote”.

“Ridicule, distortion of fact, mere tactics against patriotism’s voice, as unity is feared by those in power today, and their lackeys in media”. “Revealing corruption nationwide either boldly, or anonymously, ensures just rule for WE THE PEOPLE”. “When the media lacks truth, it “IS” this Nation’s dividing factor, and will soon end“, “Speak to the people truth always. and they will follow the trail of deceit till extinct, Lie NEWS CASTER ONCE and follow suit”! “To speak of things publicly one must have knowledge and facts in hand, not hiding or fabricated against truth”! “Media today needs auto correct enabled on what comes out of their mouths as they know their deceits to WE THE PEOPLE are purposeful”. Views Caster‘s ponder this- “Another’s values seem greater than your own when conspiracy or dependencies exist between you, and them, give not your soul or our nation in payment”.



About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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