Mr. President

Mr. President please lend me your ear, or in this case, your eye’s and mind.

Dear sir I have a word for you to speak upon at this time, race. I am puzzled why someone so “PERFECTLY” able to speak to both, if not all sides, has not. Health Care is important and well worth your time, not all of it.

Campaigning is needed close to election time, not all the time. TV shows, radio, many public appearances before and after we elected you. Why no talk on race? We all belong to one while still divided. The bathrooms names are now the same, while the same bad odors are in the air.

Four years after the election of the hope inspiring, proof America walks the talk, Mr. B H Obama has remained mum. I ask you why? With you facing reelection now is forcing this letter publicly. I apologize for seeming to be disrespectful, it is not personal, its for our country, perhaps the world.

The world looks to us, home of the free and the brave. We need you to man up, approach the base and hit one out of the park. Who could stop you now from speaking the words out loud? Your our president. OUR the key word. All. Every. Chose any word to describe the unique mixture making America great for its citizen’s and the world. Say the words out loud and often. Use no teleprompter. Speak from your heart. For our hearts so often needlessly broken by real or suspected racial divide.

Open the web/air/stage, every person connected at once, it is very easy. You only have to start, now, this day. None of us are insured the next breath, or election, so time is essential. Many have lost lives in one form or another due to the silence till date. What are the odds in your risking to wait for election result? One more day of unnecessary strife is simply not worth the wait. Let us be honest here, what are the chances of the next elected being as qualified as yourself for this purpose, slim to none.

I must end here as words are limited to space, yours are not. Please help America heal from within. I thank you in advance, your citizen.


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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