Muslim World Please Answer WHY?

Majority of Muslim’s Pray as Extremists Prey

Why is it acceptable to their majority to also being the victims of attack by extremists killing in the name of their God? The bombs meant to harm the west have taken countless innocent lives of their own believers of Islam, the same God they worship together many times a day.

In America they reside in both peace and safety, protected by the same people being targeted and killed by extremists across the globe. If America, and it’s people had not acted in the past to end the horror of Hitler and others, what language would any of the few survivors speak, where would they hide from eradication, who would insure their survival from genocide?

America has given hope and proof that people can coexist safely within our shores, and as many must admit, across the globe. Freedom has seldom been given in any land to all the people of this planet other than in America, proved by the numbers we are composed of. All lands represented by the makeup of our society, our people, your fellow citizen’s now here in the land of the free. The dream becomes reality upon reaching our shores, as our deaths become nightmares on your own soil, and our own as evident on 9-11.

We mourn our lose and never turn you away for the sins of a few. This new attack killing an ambassador and others their helping your brethren, fellow Islamist’s to live without a leader as horrific as you had for lifetimes, cut short.

Under the pretext of some unseen internet film in lands without access to basic necessities, never the less internet access. I ask of the majority, why?

Does the same God you worship and love forgive those that take the lives of his people, his followers, his children? Are your deaths acceptable in the killing of others by these extremists? Is the harboring of killers allowed? Is it his will that you die also? Is it his will that any must die for the sins of a few misguided, soulless denizens? Why is hatred of another’s skin color, language or beliefs acceptable? Why is the calling for the eradication of any human being, race or nation permitted, and praised?

I am but one citizen of this most wonderful planet, and proud to call myself an American. No other land exists this day or in the past that accepts you and your beliefs. In your land those differences are death sentences, or worse for fellow human beings, and possibly you. Why do you hate the freedom to exist peacefully, side by side helping each other to live?

Please explain before our world is destroyed, while you have the time, before the death count rises and you still exist. Please translate for all to read, carefully, unedited as our Views not Fact Checked news and yours does, thank you.


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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