How quickly our President speaks about all but “Race’ now that he rushed his statements on gay marriages. Do we need VP Biden to bring up the subject so Obama can finally have the talk America’s awaited. The first President in history to experience both sides of our racial divide, remains silent. Why? He has been too quick to speak on matters opening the very door he stalls opening for us all to enter. The time for the talk is now- ELECTION TIME!

Race one would think has suffered being put off in public discussion ( if not ignored) longer than same sex rights. Our military is allowed to be openly gay, yet nothing discussed as to racial issues pre-existing personal choice. Not all that many years ago we had riots aboard Navy vessels at sea. I remember many more racial problems there, and in the America we all fought for, then those of  same sex couples. So why avoid the subject now?

How many news stories and political speeches has the one man in all of our countries history undeniably qualified to, jumped to the microphone ( open or not) to comment on, yet not about race? I’d listen and participate with him, wouldn’t you? On all the channels and the web as a nation. Fill the airwaves with a talk too long put off. One as needed today as any actually openly discussed now, if not more.

Divide and conquer is more than a warriors tactic, it is political as well. Keep the masses apart, divide their vote, promise them anything till elected must stop. Why not Unite our States by uniting our people for the first time in recorded history. We have a President today of mixed races. ELECTED by all the people to lead us, as today’s campaign states FORWARD. If not now, when is the right time to talk race? After another election cycle, after another stall?

I ask you why we can’t talk now. I’d like to truly know how any elected stand today on race. Our mixed race’s are of greater importance than the electoral. Speak now or get out of office is how I feel. What are you all so very afraid of? Does this topic not deserve equal treatment to all we dare publicly discuss? Is it some sort of taboo subject in this day and age? We can talk of same sex partners, not racially mixed? The problems they face, not the millions of lives wasted avoiding year after tear the true talk on race.

President Obama still has plenty of time to WORK for HIS PEOPLE! VACATIONS over our united cry. Try it out loud- VACATIONS OVER WASHINGTON! Damn that feels good. Sorry, I got caught up with the fever to move FORWARD with THE TALK! My heart races with excitement thinking of how many will avoid comment on having a nation wide talk on something as ignored as race. Like many that scurry when you turn on the light of racial discussion let them run. Those that remain and partake will lead us as we should have always been, the citizen’s of the UNITED STATES. Vote wisely as free men,

us the power of our vote and our voices to command a talk now! Let them hear our voice!


About sonnyofthemeek

I am but a man, renting time on Earth, looking to make a difference.
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