You fear a cross/symbol, and another’s belief

Church of The Holy Sepulchre

Church of The Holy Sepulchre

You fear a cross/symbol, and another’s belief,
You hate those who cause no other grief.
You go out of your way to discriminate against believers,
You and all of your kind are killers and deceivers.
You lie as we value truth, you harm as we help,
You believe in nothing, we believe till our dieing yelp.
You destroy what we worship together in,
You my friend are steeped in sin.
You commit crimes of civil law due to fear,
You cower in shadows, hide faces, year after year.
You now display crude message of your hate,
You will never cross thru the Pearly Gate.
You will end soon, as we forget your kind,
You blow up yourselves and innocents you find.
You plan on ending as this life miserably sown by your own hand,
You fail to understand we welcome the promised land.
You will always fail trying to kill that which is eternal,
You and yours, should enjoy the infernal.

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THE MEEK Plan Simplified



DROUGHT SOLUTIONS among many benefits of ignored plan-

This was sent repeatedly in much greater detail to POTUS and current Admin- Posted on many sites for the last five years- A complete plan to put millions to work and many manufacturing etc. jobs, end poverty now!

THE MEEK Plan Simplified:
Picture a topological map of the United States. Explore state by state from the ocean’s surrounding us. Use Tampa, Florida as the control state due to it’s utilization of desalinization process so successfully to date. Take this state by state interconnected with both flood and drought, fire/natural disaster and power needs for example.

We can cause our deserts to bloom, create new cities and towns in places uninhabitable till now. Billions in flood/drought damage savings, not to forget the lives of those affected. Underground power supplies never fail as outdated above ground has sadly proven.

Add the advantage of new rivers, lakes and waterways our energy needs can be filled and sent elsewhere’s. Never again will millions do without power when needed most. Hydro and solar combined with abundant natural gas is only part of the solutions offered in THE MEEK Plan for our country, and the world. Millions of jobs!

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Reasons & Treasons – Why Obama Must Go

“Not thinking’s why life’s stinking!”

“America needs LEADER’S not IMPEDERS!”

“You can only silence my words in print and from the air, when “WE THE PEOPLE” all disappear, or fail to care, or freedoms share.”

BLESS our REPUBLIC Born on a fourth of July, over freedom a flag would fly, a nation none may deny, keeps blue in the sky, I’m Just another-AMERICAN GOOD GUY!

Sad to see-our Country-Once Land of The Free-lose Liberty-Allow Presidential Illegality-His bold lies to WE-Where was he-During Benghazi- or Clinton to see?

The World thinks American IQ to low to know truth from lie- They see and hear the boldness to with which Obama is known as Forked Tongue guy.

“When lies are told so boldly as to be truth to unthinking ears, America suffers your brains failure and your hearts lack of cares.”

Stop the lies, the spies, IRS guys, not answering when any American dies, bad green buys, insider ties, and we’ll stop our despise.

You stayed away Election Day- Allowing paid for Elected to easily PREY- If you want a SAY- Vote every Election Day- Unite to Fight Tonight!

Brains not used elect wrong choice more often than not, unless Obama won because the smart voted not, or forgot, so him we got.

Tell King Obama‘s supporters- “Liar Liar pants on fire, happens when you hire, from the mire, a voice on fire, from a denier, who is a prier, not America’s sire”

“Leaders care for all, Rulers have a ball, one guides us with love, the other his will does shove”

“Elected to mislead, not hear you plead, by eyes that bead, sowing evils seed, like a weed, chokes off our lead, you must concede”

Salesman in Chief, stumps never brief, looks for relief, when talking of grief, while answers thief, this failure in chief, we need relief.

Obama has some sad points everyone must agree-Like the way he blames anyone but he-for plotting against we-who didn‘t foresee.

Law of the Land for you and I, why not the rich & famous & connected or the elected guy? Their out in an hour, you share shower?

Obama must be out of love with America’s citizens since before his first election- why else harm us all and at who’s direction?

Of what value are the citizen’s of America to ADMIN of today, When lies fill almost all they say, BIG MONEY RULES/ Citizens thought to be simple FOOLS

Until good HUMANS grow a pair- evil will not disappear- They take what you fail to defend- Your UNITY is their end- Stand with me and we’ll all be free- standby and we all die!

Legacy for Obama will be historically remembered, As the reign of one who dismembered- The LAW OF THE LAND, Undone by his hand- Pen & Phone threats, leading to deaths

In a Republic misled by “THE FORKED TONGUE GUY”, one exposing our own spy- Lies told bold faced, biased media disgraced

In a Republic misled by “THE FORKED TONGUE GUY”, one exposing our own spy- Lies told bold faced, biased media disgraced
They chose to hire- Bold faced liar- American Law denier- Who won’t fire- Provide Truthful facts to inquire-American’s need his REIGN to expire!

Aiding/abetting Enemy a crime for U & I – Providing material assistance helping enemy spy’s -Obama’s the Taliban’s choice of allies

Obama admin lets Marine rot- while providing illegal’s three meals and a cot/

Be American Hero- Is your Value ZERO?

Those that serve- know some don’t deserve- the very freedoms we alone preserve- You have some nerve- to ever swerve- VOTE in support for those that serve!

Say it isn’t so- Obama let 5 Proven Killers go- Is POTUS friend or foe- Causing servicemen/Americans hostage value to enemy grow

Taliban kill again-Obama’s released will increase the pain-soldiers lost in vain-Now he trash talks fellow servers so insane-Demand that he does explain!

His Pal Harry REED I’d Ask him will you CONCEED you do IMPEDE jobs & upward economic STAMPEDE enriching you INDEED against WE THE PEOPLE FEED & proud of DEED!

Then there’s Nancy Pelosi you must all ADMIT believes WE THE PEOPLE are dumber than SHIT laughing at her own WIT while crimes COMMIT the party’s TITT of a NITWIT

By the time citizen’s unite, Obama’s brings illegal’s into fight- Amnesty 4 Vote Call, heard by all- Our tax $ pay the bill, as US LAW he breaks at will- To IMPEACH, within Reach!

By the time citizen’s unite, Obama’s brings illegal’s into fight- Amnesty 4 Vote Call, heard by all- Our tax $ pay the bill, as US LAW he breaks at will- To IMPEACH, within Reach!
Oil price rises/As Obama disguises/His true intent to drag us down/While lies fill the mouth of DC CLOWN/While Americans FROWN
The world suffers his REIGN- This POTUS is insane.

Oil price rises/As Obama disguises/His true intent to drag us down/While lies fill the mouth of DC CLOWN/While Americans FROWN

The world suffers his REIGN- This POTUS is insane. Obama’s FIVE Killers released will strike again- Causing innocents undue pain- The World thinks this insane- Obama sane? Left explain? Soldiers will die in vain- Impeach & end pain.

He speak with Forked Tongue Bold Faced Lies spoken with pride, makes one wonder why he’s so snide? Truth is lost, and WE THE PEOPLE pay the cost.

ATTENTION VOTERS- “Hero’s protect our skies and shores, interiors defense is yours. Not either’s choice, armed one weapon, the other vote/voice.”



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A gift to be cherished by all that we see

Greeting death while out at sea,

Is Heaven’s gate for one as me.

Life began immersed as my allotments end should be,

Both are the only thing’s truly free.

A gift to be cherished by all that we see,

One that should be free of misery.

In My Country the Land of Liberty,

Home of the Equal and Free.

The greatest land in all of man’s history,

Until Obama lawlessly won his social agenda victory!

Oh my Nation what will become of Thee?

Home/Job/ Freedoms/Privacy etc. gone all pithy,

Do to an electorates/ biased media thought to be so witty.

They care not about your needless/ caused poverty,

Are all caused be those elected to serve not them but we!

Look behind the true motive for things like NO VOTER ID!

Amnesty votes behind Obama’s hurry across border entry!

Voice dissent and your labeled nuts or raciest whitey.

Was his intent to ensure no leader to come from any minority?

Why he does/says nothing about deaths/attacks on Christianity.

Yet sets five killer terrorists lose on all innocent humanity!

What’s wrong with American citizens to end not his insanity?

I’ll tell you the truth before your led into tyranny,

Get out and VOTE or let freedoms lose be no mystery!

I’ll sail off at my times end to knell at the feet of he,

Whom once America allowed when Mom and dad gave birth to Sonny.


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Leadership and Co-Leadership Position Washington DC Starting 1/20/2017

Wanted – Women & Women or Women & Man lastly Man & Man for Leadership and Co-Leadership Position Washington DC Starting 1/20/2017.

Resume must be able to survive biased media and cronyism and Big Money behind both. Truth your only path, loyalty to those you serve, our Military, defender of the oppressed, a voice of reason to the world.

Long hours, tremendous stress, unending work correcting decades of wrong doing. Strong speaker without need of false worded teleprompters. The heart pumping new life into a withered, neglected, suffering populace, and Republic.

A belief in our Constitution, laws as written or legally altered/changed or added to, not PEN IN HAND as powers behind dictated. To secure our boarder your first order. To enact THE MEEK PLAN employing millions if not billions, while lowering the cost of everything, and restoring our ravaged land second. Reducing/replacing/firing every government program/grant etc. third. Changing to a flat tax for all, reduced to competitive rate business tax, EPA investigation and end of all lobbies not representative of WE THE PEOPLE fourth. Assist all State elections insuring WE THE PEOPLES Candidate has fair chance against BIG MONEY behind most of our Republics down fallings now fifth. Back Bills ensuring TRUTH in any claiming News, not VIEWS broadcasts/print/web based thus insuring an informed populace not a misled separated purposefully divided Nation as exists today sixth. Rest on the seventh day as you will be busy the next eight years.

Any still interested, may GOD BLESS and protect you and America! A new day dawned when Obama Administration’s Boldfaced Misrepresentation’s reached absurdity, and the citizens woke from shirking their responsibility, thus this JOB OPENING fell into my hands. Please contact me at the following: -





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Thank You to all who shared my “Call For Unity 4 Our Vets”

Thank You to all who shared my “Call For Unity 4 Our Vets” – When we die in battle it is our Honor and Duty- To have Vets die stateside under this NON COMMANDER IN CHIEF who learns everything from the so called press, sickens me, and hopefully you. You live day to day in America free- we don’t charge you for services rendered, we only expect a little respect, and proper treatment for things you the citizen are saved by us from.

 No limbs, lives, minds lost insuring America’s happen to you. Our funds are cut while millions are wasted hourly by those supposed public servants in DC. We serve all American’s, and have keep most of the world safe for longer than any other force in history. Not conqueror’s, not to take from the people, to die saving and helping them all realize freedom to live one’s life to it’s natural end.

 Our deaths, injuries there and then, accepted by all brave and loving of their fellow man, servicemen, as myself. To suffer and die awaiting treatment home, you tell me? You have the freedom to speak, many servicemen paid for that in full, and overcharged.

Until today! It’s POLITICLY CORRECT only if in agreement with the PARTY in charge, or the money behind all our problems. We The People, without a single shot, yet many causality’s to all of our rights to freedom, have given away our Republic in silence. Not me anymore. I enlisted during the Viet Nam Era thinking my country first, the same is true today. My Republic, My America. I fear not this corrupt leadership and all the money behind every move they make.

 I stayed quiet like you. Safe behind my online names, or so we thought. I’m out of excuses for cowardly actions if truth be told. Afraid what will happen to me and mine over. Enough of us did the same as evident in day to day lies told by leadership, unquestioned except by a few.

Join together for one day. The United States should be more than a name on a map. We were once, why not again? Can you give a few hours on the 4th of July for Vets & those serving today? For yourselves and families, and your friends? For FREEDOMS RETURN? To show who is in charge to those failing us all now? Walk out your front door at 12:00 EST and show DC we are UNITED 4 VETS and Forevermore!

Share if you love a VET and want them treated before they die waiting!!! 

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One Old Navy Vet calling for 4th of JULY UNITY MARCH 4 VETS

One Old Navy Vet calling for 4th of JULY UNITY MARCH 4 VETS

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